Jumps and dropouts in version 1.2

Experiences jumps and dropouts in playing high resolution files (96/24 and 176/24). Roon 1.2 on Headless Mac Mini with 4Gb RAM and SSD, same problem on Macbook Air 8Gb and SSD (both with latest version OS). NAS QNAP latest firmware. Airport Extreme router, all devices in the same room.I already used to have some dropouts in 1.1 but with 1.2 the problem seems even more severe, music jumping to the next song or stopping to play altogether.

This sounds like a LAN issue, how are the devices connected?
Also what DAC(s) are you using.

Devices are connected using WIFI. No DAC used. Playing via the internal loudspeakers.

I am having what sounds like a similar problem, except I did not have it previous to upgrading to 1.2. I am running Roon server on a Mac mini, and using a iMac to play through a IFI Micro‑iDSD. Wverything is hard wired - no wifi.


I am embarrassed to admit this, but I just restarted the mini (the computer on which the server is running) and the problem seems to resolved. We will see.

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Thanks for letting us know @birnbaum.

@Lysbeth_Deruyver – are you still having issues here? Let me know and I can take a deeper look at this. Thanks!

Yes we still have problems. Especially with 96/24 and 176/24 files, drop outs and jumps.

@Mike this thread seems to have been forgotten. We still have problems. Intermittently. All hardware and networks seem to work fine and we still experience drop outs.

Hi @Lysbeth_Deruyver – sorry for the ongoing issues here. We’ve documented some of the underlying causes of dropouts in an article here – I would start by reading that over so you have a better sense of what could be causing the issue.

Unfortunately, tracking down dropouts often requires some trial and error. The easiest way to pinpoint why you’re having dropouts is to isolate each potential cause, and see which configurations have issues and which are performing better.

Looking at your setup:

I would start by copying some high resolution files off the NAS and importing them into the Mac running your Core. See if the dropouts persist with the NAS drive removed from the equation.

You might also try running the Core on the other Mac, to see if a performance problem on your current Core is causing the issue. If you have any additional networking hardware around, like another router or a router from your internet provider, it might be worth trying that as well, in addition to looking into bad cables, etc.

Pinpointing the cause of dropouts can be frustrating, and again I apologize this has dragged on here @Lysbeth_Deruyver. I would encourage you to read over the article I linked above, report back with your results, and we can go from there.


I’m also having dropouts since V1.2. This does not happen while using the same hardware when using JRiver so I assume that it is not a LAN or configuration problem. The server computer is 2015 5k iMac with 1tb sad, 32GB ram, i7processor & 4gb Video ram so that should not be the problem.

Can you be more specific: how often this is happening ? Do you get dropouts during local tracks playback or TIDAL? What is your output device ? Where music files are located? What is you network setup ?


Dropouts are pretty much continuous on all formats from 16/44 through dsd. I have stopped using Roon and returned to JRiver which is not as pretty but rock solid. Music is on a fast Pegasus Raid connected to the highest spec iMac available. End points are either a Mac Mini with an ssd & 16 gb ram or a Micro Rendu. I have two end points running Roon server to a dCS Puccini U Clock and dCS Vivaldi Upsampler. When playing music over the same system using JRiver I get no dropouts.

Just as a test, could you copy 3 Albums onto the SSD of the iMac, which I assume is running Roon Core / Server??

Suggest a 16/44 Album, a DSD Album and say a 24/96 Album

ADD a new Watched Folder in Roon and point to this temporary folder on your iMac

When copied, go to Focus ----> Inspector ----> Locations ----> and filter Albums to Albums at the iMac’s SSD location only

Then Play each of these Albums to see if you get dropouts you describe above??

Also, could you see if there is a “spinning wheel” in the top right corner of the Roon screen??..[actually not quite the top right hand corner, but just inside the Search icon]

I’ll be back Friday and will try then. Thanks

Hi @Lysbeth_Deruyver — Just checking in and wanted to see how troubleshooting was going, hopefully well. Let me know if you are still having issues and we’ll be glad to lend a hand.

We still have issues. I responded to the investigation request in a parallel thread.

We have been able to resolve the issue of drop outs by connecting the
NAS directly to the Mac Mini on which Roon Core is running. The music is
then streamed over WIFI to the DAC. The drop outs were in my opinion caused by network problems due to the NAS and the DAC communicating over the same network to Roon Core on the Mac Mini. No problems due to lack of CPU power or memory.

@Lysbeth_Deruyver ----- Thank you for your follow up and feedback. Glad to hear things are stable now, happy listening!


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