Just to be sure on the proper procedure, on re-adding NAS network shares


Well, i knew this day would someday come, and it has. Required to change internet service provider and their residential gateway router will not support the 10 dot private address pool. And instead will need to be in the ranges of 192.168.x.x or 172.x.x.x addresses. :frowning:

I’m in situation where my current two NAS network shares were at,


Reading through few posts and KB in Roon,


, i’ve come to realization that i had made an error in not making these NAS addresses dynamic, eg. using the “hosts” file in the Roon Server, and give Roon instead something like


(I don’t see a way yet, in these WD NAS boxes to setup dynamic addresses within, but i thinnk resolving through “hosts” file is okay)

So, looks like there is no way around the existing hard code of IP addresses within Roon’s network share settings, in that if the NAS IP address has changed, procedure is to delete the old and re-add.

And on that “re-add”, i think i would be better off this time around to have some future proof to provide the NAS addresses as their names,

\\dmWDMyCloudEX2\ <<---------- in the hosts file this would resolve to address (was,
\\MyCloudEX2Ultra\ <<---------- this name would resolve to address (was,

, instead of by their new IP addresses, even if they are static IP addresses.

Would this approach sound proper?

Or, is there some other better approach that can be suggested, particularly with the latest Roon releases?

And lastly, upon re-add, would i expect to have some incremental updates to the existing Roon database, and not an entire tear down and rebuild from bottoms up? Initially at the very beginning, that took days i recall.

Thanks much,

Tried the following approach and seem to have streamlined the updating of the existing NAS network shares.

Before anything, noticed that only the Tidal contents were showing in the Roon, since both my NAS network shares are no longer available by their old 10.0.0.x addresses.

For each \\10.0.0.x\media shares showing as disconnected, selected Edit for each, and under Folder first added the new network shares this time not by (static) ip address but by the dynamic names resolving by the “hosts” file.

After adding the two new network shares, navigated to the each Music folders from each newly added network shares, and selected “Select This Folder” for each.

For now, left the old \\10.0.0.x\media network shares alone, though showing as NotAvailable.

Going back out to the Edit Storage Location, Roon Server is rescanning, but the entire process seem to have completed fairly quickly.

And the Recently Added list seem to have returned to what it was before, intact, as what was before this NAS network shares reload.

FWIW, keeping this outcome for now.

Few screenshots below showing the outcome, and hosts file settings at the Roon Server,

D:\Temp>type c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts          dmWDMyCloudEX2          MyCloudEX2Ultra

I am in the same shoes, have to upgrade my NAS to a new unit and worried this will screw up my Roon library, I am ok to rescan everything but don’t want to lose the “Recent” list sorting… Will try to follow the same steps and assign a dynamic name to the music folder at Roon… I am also currently using the static IP option.