Laggy as hell, eat horribly RAM... day after day with Roon Core

Roon Core Machine

macOS Catalina 10.15.7 iMac Core i7 3.5-4GHz with 24GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cable infrastructure, 1Gig to main router (optical fibre), zones via WiFi 1gbit. All on TP-Links devices.

Connected Audio Devices

USB DACs (a lot), some endpoints (PCs), Sonos, AP and Chromecast devices too. Works great with this environment until 1.8.x

Number of Tracks in Library

50k tracks

Description of Issue

No Roon labs, just no! Roon Core not light at all, but no problems with “resources” until 1.8xx ver. Hard to believe on Mac (Core) system with 3.5-4GHz Core i7 and 24GB RAM? Yes, but sadly true. Unacceptable!

And yes, I reinstall, and yes I upload my backups, and yes nothing change. Nothing. One more thing here: streaming sources work terribly. No link to Tidal every day. When I open Tidal app everything works good. No its not net error, its not PC error, its not too slow machine error. No. This is Roon error. My system sometimes must reboot (24/7) because freezings with Roon running. When I work without Roon all is OK, 24/7 rock stable. So?

And yes, I support this software from the beginning. Year subs here. Now I think I must choose different music frontend. What are you doing Roonlabs?! That software works simply brilliant until 1.7-1.8, rock stable, open in few second. Now I must wait 5 minutes (! sic !) sometimes. Sometimes because for example today only 30 second. But two hours later R.I.P Roon Core R.I.P. Crash, and now I play my music in Vox Player.

Do something or bye, bye…

PS. Always newest version of Roon Core here…


Hi there.
Not support, just a fellow user.

But this may help as there had been an issue identified by Roon that a fix is underway.
But maybe you could try this in the meantime to see if it helps.

Actually that’s for a Nucleus but I believe it’s the same principle for any other Roon core.


I think it’s simply not a good idea to have Roon Core on MacOS, as long as Roon is still working on porting everything over from Mono to .NET. While Roon Core on Linux was still running on Mono, my experience was similarly frustrating. And clearly, with a growing database or heavier use of the Core system, the problem gets compounded. Once Roon Core was ported to .NET on Linux, things got MUCH better.

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Thanks for this info. Sad. I must rethink my system. No happy.

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I’m just a user but man, do you really expect to have someone running at your rescue with a message like this? Your message is borderline agressive and to me, nowhere near acceptable on a discussion forum.

You aren’t attracting sympathy honestly… You put all the blame to Roon like if macOS was faultless…

As some people’s primary language may not be English, which I suspect is the case here, take it easy when criticizing a post. Most English speaking people can’t understand, speak or write in a second language, so my respect goes to those who’s primary language isn’t English and yet they manage to communicate in English.


Dear Charles_Jean

I’m just a user from the beginning (2016), pay year per year for this software, so I support Roon labs hard, like many others here. Pay year sub because I know how difficult code work is, upgrading and fixing such complex software. I work in IT many years ago, I remembered this “piece of bread” (in polish: a lot of work). So, if you say I have no respect for Roon labs you are simply wrong. Of course It’s your opinion but still only yours. My irritating is irritation multi-year user, who use Roon software not only for pleasure but also for work (audio device test). I have no right to that as client? Interesting and very peculiar.

Why irritating? My system works not only for Roon Core purposes, this is my all job activities PC. Mac no Win PC, that is my choose, and Roon labs - like you know - support MacOS, Linux so Roon have to work in that OS just OK, not a long way to OK.

And no it’s not MacOS faultless, something is wrong with Roon Core soft. Also with ROCK (RAM leaks, same problems on community reported, above example), on Linux (on some distribution), only Windows OS work for now normal. This is not good. People use many different OS, and don’t want migrate because audio front-end crashes or freezing their OS.

So, If you write

I think you are so rude to me. Ok, this is your opinion, but you said what you said. So: “Your message is borderline aggressive to me, and to me nowhere near acceptable on a discussion forum”. Better? Yes, definitely better for me! I think you are totally wrong, but like you see I have to acknowledge you don’t want to help, don’t want to say something substantively. OK, I see it.

And one more think: I write this topic in support with data, it’s about real problem. Screenshot and my explanation is (I think) complex and I need help here. Your statement brings nothing here. So, why you write that… for fame? To hurt someone?

You fell better?

Hi @Antoni_Wozniak ,

Are you still seeing this issue on the latest Roon release?

Install newest version, I see much faster start for now. I’ll write what’s more after testing…

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Ok, after week Roon is back. All operate like 1.6 and before, so rock stable and fast.

Thanks for your hard work

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