Laptop not Core anymore ... unable to use it as a Playback device

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Router
IPAD for Roon Remote

Description of Issue

My Nucleus has been away for repair so i set my lap top up as my Core until it returned.

During this time I used my Headphone set up a lot. I connected my Burson headphone amp to the lap top with a USB cable. Worked a treat.

Now I have the Nucleus back I have unauthorised the lap top and obviously reuathorised the Nucleus.
I thought I would still be able to play Roon on my lap top by setting it as a Roon Remote, but I cant.

Is this correct? Does Roon playback not work on a lap top unless you have it as the Core?
I have looked in the setting - audio , and the lap top is not available to set up as a playback device.

Have you the Roon software running on your laptop? The Nucleus won’t see it as an endpoint unless Roon is running on the laptop.

I think so yes… I mean it’s acting as a Remote on my laptop. So it must be.

Also my apologies I had another thread open in another category, I went to delete the other thread but I have someone trying to help me.

If my laptop is not the Core can I play music through it?

Yes, of course you can.

If you’ve got someone helping you elsewhere, I’ll stand back for now and let them continue…

No HELP me please :wink:

All I want to do is get my lap to to play Roon to use with my Headphone set up
it is not connected to the Core as it is in another room.

I responded to your other thread let us know if you need further help.

@Geoff_Coupe still having issues here can you merge the two threads?

Not sure what is going on with this. I am almost out of ideas.

if there is only one license, the license must always be logged on and off to the other device. After logging off, all switched-on devices that can be considered as servers are then displayed. Selecting Nucleus should then turn the laptop back into a simple remote control.

It’s probably just this little setting thing that occurs for the first time because the laptop had to replace Nucleus for a short time.

So do you mean every time I want to use the laptop for playback purposes I will have to deauthorise my Nucleus?

Otherwise I can’t play music through the laptop, it can only be used as a Roon Remote?

No, you do not need to deauthorize the Nucleus, you need to just make sure roon is running on the laptop. It should find the core server (if it is on the same network). You then “connect” to the core. You then go into settings audio and enable whatever output you are using on the laptop (should only have to do this once). If you are using a the Burson via USB make sure it is on and recognized by the laptop. You may see multiple entries for the laptop (see below screen shot of what mine looks like). Just pick the output you want, make sure the laptop is set to use that output (this may vary depending on how and what is connected).

When looking at settings audio on the laptop running roon as a remote it should show up under “this PC” and show all the possible endpoints. like this:

In my case, I pick either “engineering” which is my system output or “HD3” which is my speakers hooked up to my computer via USB.

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No. You should still have Roon on your laptop but it might initially ask you if you want to switch cores. You should decline or if offered both choose the Nucleus. Activate the laptop as an endpoint and you should be good to go.


It may be worth a mention that there is a roon server and a roon client. you may only have one roon server per license, but may have an unlimited number of roon clients.


Thanks for the post. Yes this is what I thought. That it would be simple.
However it does not recognise my lap top.

Just to add the lap top is not hard wired to the Router or the Nuclues. It is in another room

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General order I follow:
When you go to settings → audio
is your laptop’s soundcard listed? I do not see it in your screenshots.
is it enabled?
is it configured correctly?

Have you changed the laptop from being a server to a client? (deauthorized)
Have you logged into the real core?

You can then use the laptop to be a “remote” to play to the laptop.
Remembering anything not to be local to your core is “remote”.

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I have this on my system. I note it is entirely missing in your screenshots. I think your laptop is still thinking it is the core.

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First point .
No as per the screenshot there is nothing at all to do with my lap top listed in my settings - audio

Yes my lap top was a temporary Core as my Nucleus was away for repair. Now I have the Nuclues set back up as the Core and I have deauthorised the lap top.

When you say logged into the main core what do you mean?
Yes I must have or I would not have the albums etc showing on the lap top (which is now acting as a Roon Remote)

I need to activate my lap top as an end point, thats all I need to do surely?? But how can i do this if it not showing up?

By the way I really appreciate your help with this

That is strange. It says right there that under connected to core is the “nucleus HDMI”. I assume the devialet is connected to the Nucleus?

That being said even when I set my laptop as the core is still has a section for “this PC”.

Is the screen shot you showed from the laptop running roon? just to be clear. :slight_smile:

On the laptop what does it say under “settings\about” in Roon?

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Yes the Devialet is connected to the Nucleus by USB

Yes the screen shot is from the lap top.
When you say the lap top running Roon what do you mean. The lap top is now acting as a Remote only

My Ipad is the other Roon Remote and the lap top does not show up on there either

sorry, I mean on the laptop and connected to the core (the nucleus) what shows under “about” in settings?