Large library performance is terrible

Anyone with a large music library must be experiencing performance issues. Search results take up to 30 seconds. Switching between songs also takes exceedingly long.

Compared to Plex as an example it’s frustrating slow. Plex takes 1/10 the time to search and play against the exact same library.

Seems an indexing issue and it should be a priority to fix. I cant justify paying for Roon anymore if some of these basic things aren’t resolved.


Large is a vague term and open interpretation, how many tracks are in your Roon library?
What is the specification of the hardware that the Roon core running on, and where are music files stored?

It’s more likely that there’s something about your setup that is causing the performance issues, but without knowing more (for example: how large is “large”, and what are you running Roon on), there’s not much anyone can do to help.

If you want help, then In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please post in the Support category of the forum and provide a brief description of your current setup and the nature of the issue using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they have a clear understanding of how your devices are connected.

Jim, there are others experiencing performance problems with large libraries. E.g., have a look at this thread:

Mac Pro
Mac OS 11.2.3 (20D91)
2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB
Seagate External 8 TB USB Disk

Roon 1.8 Bld 814
6 connected Airplay 2
9 output Devices Airplay
2 Endpoints (Aurilac/Bryston and Cocktail Hour)

Roon Core is hardwired from server to Main router. Server is only used for Roon and Play and not generally concurrently.

Network is a Eero system where all hubs are hardwired over GB ethernet only short hops for wifi. Network is stable across home at 200-400 mb/sec.

2341 artists
9006 Albums
135074 tracks

(Everything backed up by purchased CD’s in family for last 35-40 yrs and digitized album collections of cover 1k.)

Thanks for the extra details, 135K tracks whilst significant is not that large, many on here have 250K, some 500K there are even a few at around a million tracks but that is extreme!

I’m not so familiar with Macs, do you know if your Mac Pro has a SSD internal drive?
If not then updating from spinning drive to an solid state drive would yield a huge performance boast (not just with Roon) and would be my first port of call.

I pre-empting it does have an SSD, so am tagging Roon’s @support team and moving this over to #support for them to follow up with you.


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As several have remarked your library wouldn’t be considered large by many roon users so the issue points to something else.

Have you got IGMP proxy/snooping enabled on your router? There are several threads where enabling IGMP has solved a multitude of performance / drop out issues. As I understand it roon uses a multicast architecture and IGMP optimizes for that. It is the luck of the draw whether your ISP has enabled or disabled it by default. Ditto any consumer router you might have purchased. Fingers crossed, enabling IGMP has had a dramatic effect on persistent stability / performance issues for me. Maybe IGMP should be a prerequisite network configuration step? I don’t know if it already is, for example, in the knowledge base.

Enable IGMP Snooping On or Off - Router Guide

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Not everywhere the keyword can be found in the router, sometimes it is just named Optimize Live TV or similar.

The only thing the Eero provides is an optimization for gaming and video conferencing and band steering to 5g both are enabled. Interestingly, once streaming beings there really are no issues. its only just the latency in the selection of the next track and search latency. I ve reset everything and as mentioned I also run a flex server against the same library and dont have any latency so im basically stuck the SSD drive seems like a possible enhancement, but the flex comparison makes me think its not really the drive.

Sorry, but are you saying that you are running the Roon Core’s database (which is handling 135,000+ tracks) on a hard drive, rather than on a SSD?

If that is the case, then it is no surprise that you have performance issues.

This (old) post is still valid, IMO…

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Eero labs says it is still experimental in the WLAN range below 500 Mbit/s. Roon clearly says WLAN is HiRes poison. Specifically, the Amazon subsidiary’s mesh system promises to intelligently allocate the available bandwidth to connected devices. I don’t think competitors like Apple or Amazon care much about bandwidth for Roon :wink:

A short test without Eero would be interesting.

…and yes Roon-Database = better SSD

for Music (another Drive) HDD is enough

Hi Jim

I have 285k tracks and zero issue with delays. Nucleus +and my Qnap with 70 TB does the trick.

Hope you sort your challenge and start enjoying Roon to its full extend .


I have 510,000 tracks on a NAS while Roon ROCK runs on a dedicated core i7 NUC. Nothing else runs on the NUC and everything is connected via ethernet through a GB switch. Search returns are almost instantaneous (1-2 seconds) and selecting an album and pressing play results in almost immediate playing of the selected track.

I currently have 384487 tracks, and have no problem with Roon’s speed.

I Have 2200 albums and Tidal. The Albums are stored on a 1TB Solid state Drive.
SS drives are significantly faster than mechanical drives. I do not have any search delay issues

Hi @jim_Schanzenbach, please see my post here:

You should consider to switch over to a fast NUC with a fast M2 ssd for the ROON ROCK install and the ROON database and a sufficient large SATA ssd for your music files. You will be very pleased to note the very fast responsiveness of ROON.

You seem to have a nice system.
But like a few others have mentioned - A windows small PC with a good SSD/NVMe for OS and database would be perfect. The media is perfectly fine on HDs
I think you would have less problems with this config. Roon has mentioned that there are issues on MACs and on linux systems specifically around networking

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