Leaving Roon after price increase

That’s surprising to me as I have had the opposite experience - audirvana was so buggy especially the studio 2.0 that I wondered how they even released it

As for sonic quality roon sounds different but not sure if it’s better or worse than AV

Well as painful as a price increase is always - it’s most likely the only way to get a more sophisticated ROON software in the future.
In its core there are still major areas to address which highly need some work like search, ROON radio, iOS app problems etc.
Users very much know these pain points - but hopefully the additional budget is the start of getting these core requirements on par.


Time for me to leave I think. Don’t use ARC at all as I don’t find it very reliable and working from home less so can’t justify it. Laters

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I can remember when the Rand Dollar was 2.5 and another time it was 22

It’s currently 17.5

Euro spenders have it easy :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Add to that Naim/Focal and Cambridge Audio StreamMagic. They are both adequate for running the streamer but nowhere near the sophistication of Roon

SORRY there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

The app cost is a part of the product development of the hardware

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About the lifetime subscription: as a subscriber I wouldn’t worry about my lifetime but more about Roon’s lifetime as companies like Roon come and go…

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I’ll add my 2 cents, not to criticize Roon, but rather to provide feedback. My use case is mine though and is possibly not the one Roon are aiming for. Essentially though, as Tidal subscriber and having stored my music on a hard drive / Network drive and having compared (perhaps not overly critically) Roon playing my locally / networked stored files versus streaming via Tidal, I have not noticed sufficient difference to make Roon my winner over Tidal. This leaves Tidal as a source I am more than happy with - one reason less to use Roon. Then we come to Tidal versus Roon for serving up suggestions, artist vs Roon Radio etc and my conclusion is that Tidal whilst not doing it as well as Roon does, is doing enough that it makes no real sense for me to shell out almost the same again for suggestions, information and a better radio. I feel Roon isn’t for me, much as I like it, but with prices increasing, it is never again going to be for me, as my requirements are met by Tidal and the extra that Roon offers is something I can happily go without. Roon at a fiver a month becomes interesting for me - as a layer on top of Tidal, without the ability to play local or network stored digital files, but this is not what Roon is trying to do, I get that. So, so long, and good luck!

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@Dans - your logic makes perfect sense. If I did not have my own local library of music, if I had no need to stream to more than one endpoint, if DSP and depth of metadata was of little interest, if all I wanted to do was to play music, then there is a wide set of options (Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer…) that all do that sufficiently well.

IMHO, Roon offers a much more robust way of listening to music, but not everyone has the interest, time or resources for it. Bottom line, enjoy music however serves you best.


At the end of the day we all have to do our own cost / benefit analysis. Mine:


  • Ability to change album names, metadata, tags.
  • Solid AirPlay connectivity for background listening.


  • No option to view album year in album view, no option to not see annoying critics’ reviews, no browse by label.
  • Price
  • Bugs / Constant updates

I’ll probably cancel my sub in December and see if going without makes much of a difference.

Do you mean in My Albums, the overview? Good point, would be nice if years were shown, in particular if sorted by date. Did you check if a feature request exists?

In the album view itself it’s possible. The one at the top is the original release date, the lower one is the release date. It’s possible to sort by either in My Albums (option in settings)

In My Albums you can focus on years. This is from the phone, where it is limited. There are additional options on tablet and PC (you can choose arbitrary from-to years):

A solution for the second will come soon and is already in earlyaccess testing:

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In Focus (and Search) you can list albums in your Library by Label. So if you want to see what you have in your Library for a given Label, it works. Of course, if you want to see what albums Tidal or Qobuz have for the same label that you have not yet added to your library, Roon isn’t going to help with that. That would be a great feature.


LMS year and album view.

I hope Roon implements year display, and I very much hope they don’t do it as ugly as this.

Anyway, here is the feature request. Zero people voted for it and 8 posts in the thread, so.


Thanks. People should search for existing requests before opening new ones. This one isn’t a burner either with 4 votes though :slight_smile:

I really don’t care about the number of votes on a forum post, it’s a no-brainer. Especially when you have the option to add all this useless crap

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You might not but it will be a part of how Roon prioritizes work.

And it’s only so simple if doing it as poorly as LMS in the screenshot above.

Some of “all the useless crap” is relevant for me by the way. See, people have different priorities, who would have thought. Hence, votes.


This is not the feature request thread.

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