Legacy MacOS install suggestions

Continuing the discussion from Audio devices and Library not available after 2.0 upgrade:

Had another look today, and was successful in downloading and activating Legacy 1. Here is the sequence I used. 1. Removed the Roon core from the application menu and dumped into trash 2. Removed the Roon icon from screen menu and dumped into trash 3. Downloaded Legacy 1.8 and moved it to Application folder in the hard drive 4. Opened up ( double clicked) Legacy from the Application folder icon and the sign-in screen opened 5. BEFORE entering signin information- clicked " backup" on the bottom of the sign-in screen ( followed the popup screen to pick proper backup folder) 6. Waited for backup to complete, and 7. THEN sign -in with user, password 8. Sign-in now available for music service (for Qobuz only) , once completed took me to the operational Legacy core 10. Signed up for Tidal through the services menu ( successfully, with all previous albums and playlists). 11. Legacy was now recognizing and linked to all my audio endpoints, all Qobuz and Tidal music was restored, and all my previous settings were restored without further intervention.

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Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully, this will be something others lean on when encountering the same difficulties.


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