Lenovo ThinkPad T440p i7 laptop compatible?

This looks to be compatible, but I hear that the graphics processor is important. I would be running the full Roon package on this. Windows 10 Pro.

The GPU Type (on the motherboard) is Intel HD Graphics 4600.
I see some posts on the forum and can’t figure out whether there are any problems. For example:

Please help. I haven’t yet purchased this computer but need to decide in the next two days. I am on a budget.

Just received a reply from Kevin at Roon Labs to my email:

“Yup! You should be able to run Roon on that computer with no trouble.”


Some intel HD graphics drivers have issues and if you have problems sometimes the 32bit version of roon helps. but see how you go. performance wise I think you should be ok but it a 4th gen cpu so dont expect any exemplary performance or use of DSP features too much.

Well, aren’t you a ray of sunshine. How about making some helpful suggestions instead.

Well as I too said you should be ok. Just some sage advice if you try to push the capability of the features further than the hardware might oblige. Oh and the intel HD graphics driver is a well known issue … just search in the forum here for intel HD driver

I already did and am not too concerned. Lots of people are running Roon with this.

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