Lets see those hifi racks

I see all these great hifi racks in other forums where people are showing off their setups, but I need help finding a new component rack, I want one that is more wide than tall so let see what you got. Remember to put info about it like brand or where you got it. DIY and Flexy type racks are welcome! Just show off what you got and hopefully it will provide some resources and inspiration to other members.



You might want to put some idea as to spend and your location if you want actionable suggestions.

I’ve been looking myself.

Here’s one web site -

Something like this maybe?



My personal preference is furniture that can house hi-fi, more than a rack. (Especially if you want more horizontal than vertical.) Just needs to be deep enough to manage/hide all the cabling!

Here are a couple basic ones I’ve built…

Just did some “winter cleaning” of the Roon rack this past weekend. I’m alternating between the RPi4 running VitOS and Allo USBridge Signature as endpoints playing into the NEO iDSD DAC from iFi Audio.


yeah, something exactly like that! Gorgeous!

Is that hardwood or MDF? How does it handle the weight?

@xxx, yeah I just discovered that page a couple days ago, amazing stuff! I like the idea of hardwood over MDF but then there are so many high end racks that use MDF and say it has benefits… I like the stackable type set ups. For what he makes, his prices aren’t bad. Still too much for me but very impressive

@terzinator, those are amazing! Good job! You are right and I should probably edit my OP to include furniture that doesn’t not have to be a rack as something like the dark unit would work perfectly well. Plus, I don’t want this to be stuff just focused on my needs, but a resource for everyone and some inspiration. I would probably build mine as well, but I would have to keep it simple like wood and metal tubes for legs or even a Flexy type rack. I don’t have the woodworking skills or a set up to build full furniture like that. Really cool

Here is mine. Custom built by Stump furniture in the UK

There is no back on the rack which helps with running cabling. The doors are left open because my DAC and phono stage are tube based and generate a bit of heat.

EDIT: Stump Furniture have now changed their name to AV Soul. Here is the link to their gallery page for my project.

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It’s laminated, very special hardwood. It does look like beautiful furniture, but actually it’s a high end audio rack. It can handle nearly all weights, no problem.

that andrew robinson guy reviewed some interesting stuff on his YT channel a few months back… (disclaimer: something about him kinda bugs, but the video has some nice visuals)


Nice, who makes it?

The brand is called Stabilian. It belongs to the owners of Absolare and Echole. Although it’s not quite marketed yet, it’s the best audio rack I’ve ever ‘heard’.

I’ve had two custom racks from Timbernation. Great to work with and good quality at a decent (IMHO) price.


If you’re handy, you could make your own!

I’ve made all my own racks for years, first serious rack was Tony Gee’s version of the TNT flexy table - the flexy table plus. His flexy table reference is also pretty nice.


I then made my own custom version of the podium reference rack from offcuts of 1 1/2" beechwood countertop and had the square beechwood timber for the legs planed by a local timber supplier from rough stock. Spikes and cups were standard monacor items - I just routed recesses in each shelf for the cups and epoxyed them in and drilled and screwed threaded inserts into the legs and shelves to screw in the spikes and lengths of threaded stud for assembly.

My current rack is considerably more rustic, but in keeping with the dining furniture, coffee table and reclaimed flooring in our lounge - 2" square box section, 1/8" thick, fully welded. Shelving is 2 1/2" reclaimed timber, brushed to raise the grain, burned and oiled. A dozen big sorbothane feet sit under the amplifier shelf (it weighs 77 lbs) to decouple it from the frame and prevent microphonics in the input tubes.


Ever changing rack-o-gear. Upper right is one of 4 Klipsch Heresy surrounds hanging from the ceiling angled at the listening position.

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That’s some pretty serious surround sound setup!

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Old turntable cabinet.

Don’t need much room with active speakers.


No cables in sight, all components but one are hidden.
The speaker placement is sub optimal, but the sound is great.