Letters missing in track names?

Recently started seeing this, not sure if it is an app issue, or a server issue.

Try rebooting core and remote… maybe it’s your lucky day, but could also be something to do with graphics drivers.
You forgot to fill in all details in the support form, so helping you is made a bit more difficult…

I’m sure this has come up before and it was down to either graphics drivers or running out of graphics memory. Do a search for ‘letters missing’.

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This was happening on my Android phone - all other apps are fine, phone is responding quickly as normal. Forcing the Roon client to close and re-launch fixed the issue.

Is it an old phone? I would get that occasionally on my tablet running an old version (6 maybe?) of Android. When I got a new tablet with Android 11, Roon started running much more smoothly, and I never saw missing text again.

Funny thing - the phone is older, but not ancient, it is a Google Pixel 3 XL running Android 12, and is snappy and responsive across the board. I did dig up an old tablet running Android 6, since the phone app is crippled and doesn’t have all of the features, and it runs the client fine (albeit slowly).

I have been seeing the same thing on Android for a few releases and if I throw the app out of memory it works perfectly on restart.

I keep Roon locked in memory on my OnePlus 9 Pro and was wondering if it was related to that.
It’s easy to fix and compared with my iPhone app restarting every time the screen goes off its fairly easy to live with.

Hi @_Jeremy,

Can you confirm you’ve had no other issues? If that’s the case I can close this out for us.

Oh, btw: An excellent album choice. I’ve seen the Toadies live 4 times and they never disappoint. I’ll be seeing them again here in a couple of months!


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Yes, it hasn’t happened again after forcing the app closed.

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Hi @_Jeremy,

That’s great to hear. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


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