Library Auto Update

So I’ve noticed that when I add music to my library it isn’t auto updating. I have to force a rescan every time. Any ideas?

Discussed and answered many, many times.

Here’s one from yesteraday -


I hope this forum does not turn in to one of those places…

@xxx can you care to explain why you say is a NAS issue?

Which by the way, I’m not using a Synology NAS like most others. I am using FreeNAS so I am sharing out a dataset via NFS. I should’ve said that in my first post so I apologize.

I suspect you’re out of inotify handles.

What does
cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches


If it’s 8192 and you have more files (any type) and folders than that then that’d explain the behavior.

See here:

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Thank you SO much Evan!! I think that is the answer. I just changed it so let’s see how that works. You are awesome with a capital A!

I feel the same way. People asking for help is not a bad thing. Even if someone thinks it might be a stupid question. That is what a community is all about. Helping others.

Not criticizing the asker, really criticizing Roon. In this case, I jumped the gun when I assumed it was a NAS box. Most of the time it is and the question can be answered by a forum search.

It’s not my explanation, it’s Roon’s explanation that it’s the NAS’s fault.

Anyone who has problems with a NAS box, or now FreeNAS, can search the forum and find the answers; if they’re so inclined.

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