Library disappearing one album at a time over and over again

I will be listenting to Roon and the library will litterally start deleting itself. It is basically scanning in reverse. The library erases conoketeky , then starts recsanning and building back up from 0. I cannot figure out anyway to stop the process once it starts, nor can I figure out what triggers it. I have 10k albums and this process takes some time to complete. This has been happening on and off for 2 weeks now. Please help. This instability is really frustrating. I’m using the latest build of Roon on a late 2012 Mac Mini with 8gb ram an SSD and the latest version of OSX El Capitan.

If this has been happening for 2 weeks, it can’t be the latest build, which is only a few days old.

Please check you have updated to Build 69, as this kind of thing was addressed in that build.

Ludwig, thank you for the response, bu I am running build 1.1 69. I was hoping the update would fix the problem but it didn’t seem to have done so as my library is rescanning again.

One rescan is normal when you update to Build 69, but if it’s happening repeatedly, that would point to something else.

Can you tell us a little more about where your music is stored?

This is still happening.

Why does roon repeatedly rescan my watched folder on my synolgy NAS, then completely erase my library only then to rebuild it?

I am watching as my album count ticks down to zero. I have a large collection and this whole process takes 2-3 hours. It is maddening to sit down to listen and find that once again some huge chunk of my collection is being rebuilt.

This happens every few days. I have pretty much had to default back to Jriver which has no such problem. What is going on?

Running build 142 on a late 2012 mac mini with 8G RAM and a 256 SSD. Storage is via ethernet to a Synology. Again all seem stable as Jriver runs without issue.

How is the NAS connected, via AFS or SMB?

Hey Evan, I have it connected using smb://nasname/music. I assume that means SMB and not AFS, but certainly possible i have something toggled incorrectly somewhere. I also previously used the synology config guide on this forum. Thanks!

I’m not a Mac user, so let’s drop a line for @mike to get you sorted.

Thanks Evan. I checked and i have the ds413 set to use smb3. I do also have AFS enabled on the NAS so that other computers can back up via time machine to a specific directory, but i have time machine disabled on my music mac mini.

@John_Hunt - I have a setup very similar to yours.

Music stored on a Synology NAS ( 1812+ in my case )

NAS connect via ethernet.

RoonServer running on a 2012 Mac Mini with 16 GB memory and 512GB SSD.

Synology is configured to use SMB3.

I have it connected as smb://ip address/music folder

SMB3 is setup as follows in Synology :

Control Panel -> File Services

Windows File Service -> Advance Settings

Mac Protocol for Windows File Service : Enable SMB3

Are your settings similar?

Oddly enough it looks like you are running a later build than I, Build 142.

@bplexico the only difference I can see is that I have the watched folder mapped as smb://nasname/music instead of smb://IPaddress/music. Should I use IP instead? Thanks for the help!

IMHO, the following Two steps may help with this problem and are worth trying

  1. Go to the IP Address Reservation page of your main Router…and assign an IP to your Music NAS…this means that your Router will always the same IP address to your NAS when it starts up…this may not be absolutely necessary, but IMHO it’s a good practice to have for many of the more important devices in your home…i.e. get your Router to assign a specific IP address to them

  2. Within Roon, point the Watched Folder at the IP address of your Music NAS, rather than the ‘nasname’ as above…most of the time, using the name shouldn’t be an issue, but sometimes it can cause problems

Good idea. You can assign a fixed address to the Synology NAS in the DSM software, and you would ensure it is outside the DHCP range of your router. Or you can also have the router assign the IP address to the NAS.

And yes, I recommend using the IP address for your watched folder, as mentioned, it shouldn’t make a difference, but you never know.

Thanks! I will set up a static ip later today and see if that helps.

I set a static ip, created a new watched folder using the smb://ipaddress/music path and had roon rescan from scratch. No dice, sigh. After roon adding all the albums, it zapped them one by one back to zero and started rebuilding again. Any additional advice? I am at a complete loss, and especially confused since Jriver is rock solid and has no connection issues on the same machine. Much prefer the roon interface, but it is currently unusable.

Could you try the following:

Instead of

try this protocol


This will force another rescan (sorry), but it might solve your issue.

I get the same issue with a Drobo 5N connected via gigabit to a 2012 MacMini. Just spontaneously I’ll see the album # decrement rapidly and if I restart Roon then it will rebuild which takes along time. It’s happened to me maybe 5 times over the past couple weeks.

Will give the \nasname\folder a try. @Mind_Meld have you had any luck finding a work around for this?

I set up a DHCP Reservation using Airport Utility and selected it as my IP in the Drobo Dashboard. The second I did that I lost my entire wired and wireless network but after a restart of the Drobo, Airport, and main computer everything is working. I’ll follow-up if it seems to be fixed.

@Mind_Meld hope that squares you away. Look forward to hearing if that helped.