Library doesn't update

Hi New uploads doesn’t appear in the library… how can I force a rescan of the library?


Unless you mean syncing with Tidal or Qobuz then -image

Great tnx… !!
any idea why my latest uploaded albums doesnt appear in ‘recently applied?’
isnt there an automatic scan or something? do i mis a menu?

If your files are on a NAS, then that’s why.

Otherwise, dunno.

@support will have an answer, but they;ll need the form filled out that you first encountered when you posted in the Support section.

Hi @pieter_van_baarle,

Where are you music files located? Are they on a NAS or a local HDD on the Core?

If this is a network share, you can configure the re-scan interval in `Roon Settings -> Storage -> Edit next to storage location -> Automatic Rescan Interval:

Also, please use this thread as a guide and provide some more information regarding your setup:

Well thats odd… I don’t see an Automatic Rescan option in my version of Roon…(latest 1.7) on a Windows machine with a Qnap NAS !!!

Hi @pieter_van_baarle,

How is the QNAP NAS connected to the Core?
Is it connected via USB or over the network?

over wifi…!

Hi @pieter_van_baarle,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage tab?

What kind of files are you trying to import? What is the file format?

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