Library Scan Not Completing

I set up ROON last night and started the scan of the folders that have all of my music. I am noticing a lot of music missing when I search in ROON. I also noticed that the in Settings-> Library there is still scanning happening…see screen shot. What can I do?


Audio analysis is not scanning for new music. It is analyzing music already imported. For several thousand albums, that initial analysis can require hours or even days to complete.


Ok, then can you tell me why I am missing so many files in ROON?

Can you give us some more information about the missing files?

What format are they in, what are the files and folders named, where are they stored, etc – also, details of your setup as described here.

A few examples will help here @Ron_Bhadra – thanks!

Some that I have noticed are DSD albums. All of my music is on s My Cloud device. I have s folder called 'DSD" and many albums from that folder are displayed in ROON. Some are not . It is as if the scan of music is not complete.

An observation…the DSD albums I do see in ROON appear as individual tracks. This Aerosmith DSD album does appear in ROON (pic 1). However, the Muddy Waters album does not as it is a ISO, disc image. I’m not sure what the diff is but using other players, I don’t have any issue.

What is the issue?



Roon doesn’t support ISO files.

Would like to hear this from ROON. If not, why would I pay $150CDN per year for this?

@Mind_Meld – Roon provides more than just a gui front end and metadata, but yah… you are right, we could add support for DSD ISO. However, it is not a trivial amount of work. For example, what happens to the copy to folder action when you are selecting just 1 track to export? same goes for deleting… same goes for moving tracks… some of these operations no longer make any sense, and some just have to work differently. There are many situations like this in Roon, and we have to consider them all.

The main reason for even using ISOs in the first place is for true gapless playback in many players that can’t support it otherwise. Roon does support sample accurate gapless playback, across files, even across TIDAL streams.

The only reason for Roon to support ISOs + a sidecar file for metadata would be because some are unwilling or unable to convert to DSF, which we will consider once it is obvious how many are in the situation.

Yeah it’s one of the reasons I didn’t renew my subscription.

We don’t have any plans to support ISO files right now.

The post @ged_hickman1 linked to above explained our position on the issue when we launched back in 2015, and Brian (our CTO) went into additional detail about this last year. He mentioned that this might happen at some point, but there’s no news to report right now.

It’s worth reading both posts to understand why this format isn’t supported, but if ISO support is a requirement for you, unfortunately I don’t have much more to add here. Note that if you decide Roon isn’t for you, we’ll be happy to process a full refund within the first 30 days of a subscription.

Thanks @Ron_Bhadra!

Thanks. I have to say, I won’t renew. I do not want to spend the time converting all my ISOs.