Linn Devices not showing with QNAP Core after updating to build 1211

Roon Core 2.0 (build 1211) production

QNAP QPKG-Version : 2021-10-03

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UniFi router & switches (with and without firewalls turned on for Router and QNAP NAS).

Connected Audio Devices

Various - Linn DSM

Description of Issue

On upgrade to Roon Core 2.0 (build 1211) production (QNAP QPKG) I can no longer see the LINN DSM audio devices on the network (not even via Airplay). The previous version of Roon Core did not have this problem.

Are other Linn + QNAP users experiencing the same issue?

It seems very similar to an issue that arose in November (except that this time it doesn’t even show the option to connect to the Linn DSM via Airplay).

How can I get these devices showing as available audio zones again?

OK, rebooting and restarting everything got it to show up again.
(I had already restarted most things, but not the Linn DSM yet - power cycling that fixed the problem).

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