Linn DSM Timeline

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

PC Windows 10
Core 1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

TIM Modem Router
Core connected via Ethernet
Samsung Tab S via wifi
Additional PC via Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Linn DSM via Ethernet
2 x Sonos model 1 via wifi
Oppo BDP 105 via HDMI

Description Of Issue

Recently, often, with Linn, timeline is blocked on 0:00 while music goes. With local tracks and streamed tracks. With every controller.

Using Sonos or Oppo, with same tracks, everyhing is ok.

Hey @Catello_Vitiello,

there are threads describing the similar (or identical) problem:

In my specific case the problem hasn’t reappeared since february. Up to now it seems that nobody has a clue where this behaviour is coming from.

But I am sure Roon Support will get back to you shortly to get into more detail.


I’m going tu study threads :slight_smile:

Hello @Catello_Vitiello,

Thanks for reaching out to us here, I have some precursory questions:

  1. Are your Linn DACs up to date on latest firmware?

  2. How is the Core connected in this setup, is it on WiFi or Ethernet? Is there any change if it is connected via Ethernet if on WiFI?

  3. Does this issue occur for one sample rate more often than another? Do you only see it happen for 96+ KhZ tracks or does this seem not to matter?

  4. Just to make sure I’m understanding you clearly here - this issue does not impact the music itself playing but the only consequence is that the time indicator is stuck on 0:00 while music is successfully playing?

Thanks @noris,
my answers:

  1. My Linn Akurate DSM is up to date (4.70.300 Fw989)
  2. The Core is connected via Ethernet.
  3. I did not notice any influence of sample rate on the issue. I think that it is not related with the track. The same track sometimes works poroperly and sometimes not.
  4. What you understood is correct. In addition I noticed also that in some cases, clicking on a random point of the waveform, the timer begins to operate.

Hi @Catello_Vitiello,

Thanks for letting me know that information. I have gone ahead and enabled a special diagnostics mode for your account which should provide more information when this issue next occurs.

Can I please ask you to note the exact local time + date in your country when you next experience this behavior and let me know? E.g. 7:35PM on 8/28/19? Thanks!

Good morning @noris
My first report.
7:37 AM on 8/29/19
Started playback of the disc
Local file 44.1 kHz 16 bit
Playback of track 1 OK, timeline blocked on 0:00
Playback of track 2 starts, timeline starts but referring to track1.
Playback stops at 2:47 (the lenght of Track 2)

Skipped manually to track 3 No playback. Timeline refers to track 2, bloked on 0:00
Skipped manually again. Playback of track 4 OK. Timeline OK
Remaining disc OK

Hope to send you more situations later.

Hello @Catello_Vitiello,

Thank you for sharing those timestamps, I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action will do is next time your Core is active, a set of logs will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for analysis.

I did not see this report reach out servers yet, but please do let me know the next time your Core is active and I will check again, otherwise I can provide manual retrieval instructions. Thanks!

Hi @noris,
my core is usually on h24 but I do not hear music h24 :slightly_smiling_face:
Today I played music many hours and after what i described in previous post (7:37 AM), everything worked properly.

Hello @Catello_Vitiello,

Thanks for confirming. Hmm, I still don’t see any diagnostics on my end so let’s try manual retrieval.

Can you please use these instructions (<- clickable link) to locate your Logs folder and then send them to me via Dropbox / Google Drive /

Hi @noris
Here the link to my zipped Roon logs on Dropbox:

Please confirm if you are able to access it.

Hi @Catello_Vitiello,

Thanks for sending those log files over, I can confirm I received them and have passed them to the technical team for closer inspection. I will be sure to let you know once there’s any new info to share, please also reboot your Core when you have a chance in case this helps re-establish connection to our diagnostics servers. Thanks!

Good morning @noris
8:47 AM on 8/30/19
Streaming from Tidal 44.1_16
Timeline blocked on 0:00 on track 11 Playback OK
Skipped to track 12
Timeline blocked on 0:00 Playback OK

8:53 AM on 8/30/19
Started a disc from Qobuz 44.1_24
Track 1 OK
Skipped to track 2 Timeline Blocked on 0:00 Playback OK
8:59 AM
Skipped to track 3 Timeline OK Playback OK

9:00 AM
Started a disc
Track 1 Timeline OK Playback OK


Hi @noris
11:48 AM on 08/30/19
Roon Radio OK
Selected Beggars Banquet streaming 24/192
Timeline Blocked on 0:00 Playback OK
Skipped ti next tracks (5 times)
Timeline Blocked on 0:00 Playback OK

11:52 AM 08/30/19
Selected Tito & Tarantula streaming 16/44.1
Timeline OK Playback OK

Hello @Catello_Vitello,

Thank you for letting me know those additional timestamps, I have added them to your case notes. We have the necessary information for now, so I kindly ask for your patience until the technical team has a chance to review your case. Thanks!


Hi @Catello_Vitiello,

I appreciate your patience while I had a chance to discuss your case further with the technical team. We have activated an additional diagnostics mode for your account in hopes of gathering some more info surrounding this behavior.

Can I please ask you to reboot your Core and let me know a new timestamp of the issue, one that does not occur immedietly after the Core is rebooted (as in at least 30 min or 5 tracks after it’s booted up)? Thanks!

Hi @noris
here I am.
5:42 PM on 09/05/19
Rebooted core
Inserted some tracks from various origins in queue
Started playback everything OK
4:08 PM
blocked on Motherland (lenght 3:32)
4:11 PM
track changed (Believe - lenght 3:41) but timeline remains on previous song (Motherland)
Timeline and playback stopped at 3:32
Manually skipped to next song. Timeline on Believe but no playback and timeline blocked on 0:00
4:19 PM
Changed album
Timeline Ok
Skipped to Next Track everything OK

Hi @Catello_Vitiello,

Thanks for sending us those timestamps. I haven’t seen a new report come in yet, but hopefully next time you boot your Core it will come through, otherwise we may need to use the manual log method once more. Please let me know when you have booted up the Core and I would double check, thanks!

Good morning @noris
(I don’t know your local time but here is morning :slight_smile:)

9:02 AM on 9/6/19
Rebooted Roon and then stopped it to copy Roon Logs
9:10 AM on 9/6/19
Rebooted Roon

I will be far from home till monday morning but in the meantime, Roon will be always on. Linn DSM off.
Anyway, I manually saved Roon which i think you can find what happened starting from 5:42 PM on 09/05/19 (my previous mail).
Here the link to the new zipped file on my Dropbox.