Linux Roon Control GUI Please [not on roadmap, you may try to use Wine]

I am trying to do the same thing, but I am no idea how to do this. Do I actually need to start winetricks, I then need to choose a task but I am unsure what to do next. Could anyone be more specific? Thanks!

Hi, I just entered metioned command into CLI/shell.

WINEPREFIX=... contains path to Roon installation directory (I have installed it with Roon-On-Wine script). Last part of that line runs ‘winecfg’ GUI tool where you need to change Windows Version to Windows 10. Thats all.


First time when I tried winecfg without this prefix, the Win version change has no effect. The trick is to specify the path in WINEPREFIX variable BEFORE running winecfg.
And the path alone was extracted by right-clicking on Roon desktop icon. In Properties->Command there was:


I opened this file and in it there is current WINEPREFIX value.


Thanks @vlad_k - I got there in the end after your help!

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This worked for me - thanks @Robert_Andersson and @vlad_k. I also referred to your fix at Roon 2.0 and Linux (Wine) as I went to that thread first, so may be helpful for others.