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My 2018 Favourite electronic albums


Hello there

Anyone knows something similar to this track from Astrix? Looks like a mix of Psytrance with Spaniard music:

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There’s this, but it’s quite old already

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Morphology from Finland.

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Data Rebel

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Who told you, you could do it like this…

(Incidentally just tried streaming In The Mode from Qobuz, it was not 16/44 and it skipped 75% of the tracks (failed to load error), I added the Tidal version and it worked as expected)

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Need some more techno on here:

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Juno Reactor - can’t go wrong there. Has a fairly extensive back catalog. Also good DJ. Been around since the beginning. Seen him in the UK in the early 90’s and also as recently as last year in Canada.

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Uplifting trance, as my mate Armin Van Buuren calls it.

Love this classic. Simple but gorgeous melodies.



The Traveller album by Morphology is excellent, I stumbled onto the recommendation on website. Its been on repeat for a while! In fact I was going to post it before I noticed it was posted by @jaguone.



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A classic.


Loved this @Tim_Rhodes ! Great albums both, brings back memories…

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Yeah a blast from the past but a welcome one!

I just realised I had posted New Forms on this thread before… Age catching up with me.


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To be honest, I saw the same recommendation by @John_Darko and decided to check out my Scandinavian neighbours. Good stuff!