Listening to Electronic/House/techno/IDM/EDM

(Rob OK) #262

Just discovered The Glitch Mob today… listening to this, but others may have recommendations!

(Jan) #263

Abstract drink-coffe-to music!

(Jan) #264

Don’t you just love that acid vibe :grinning:

(Dick Vliek) #265

(Aaron Garrett) #266


Her Essential Mix, which has most of this in it, was my favorite from 2018.

(Jonathan) #267

DJ Kicks generally delivers which is amazing given how long the series has been rolling but I’ve stumbled into this one recently and really dig it. It’s super smooth and even spacey at times.

(Jonathan) #268

Too funny. hit play on this and immediately say “YOUR HARD DISK Is FULL”

(Jonathan) #269

New Forms is a classic!

That Qobuz error is making me crazy … Tidal always seems to work in comparison.

(Nick) #270

This is unusually dark and droney. Not sure I can do 24 hours of it but a couple of hours background was quite nice.

(Stuart Brown) #271

When the beat drops… it’s almost a physical thump

(Jonathan) #272

Max Cooper … so good.

Also given the slow snowy day today I enjoyed Global Communication 76:14 with some IEMs and spaced out for like the 1000th time. Amazing record.

(Jan) #273

(Jan) #274

Amazing 10 minutes!

(Jonathan) #275

A quick visit to bandcamp today for a few missing pieces …

(Sean) #276

Just out today - great album.

An Aussie, who was Swedish label ‘Dumont Dumont’'s first signing.

Tagging resident Swede @jaguone :grin:


(Aaron Garrett) #277


This one will really tell you about how good the bass is on your system. Listening to ( . )_( . ) and amazed by the quality of the Grimm bass. Music is really, really cool too.


Enjoyed Acid Rain by Lorn very much, I think it might be a slow burner. I have a ‘music to listen to’ tab, and this has just been added.

(Jonathan) #279


Pretty solid … just on my first listen but enjoying the spacial textures here.

(Jonathan) #280


(Rob OK) #281

Mixcloud. Not available thru Roon.