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Roon Radio just found this for me. Have a listen to the first track - ‘Bliss on Mushrooms’. It’s stunning. Turn it up LOUD!!!


Try this one…

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Fabulous! It’s been a while since I’ve had music that makes me giggle! I was a lover of bouncy hard-house for a while many years ago and that used to give me the same response! Proper naughty tunes!!!

This is like an audiophile version of the crazy silly tunes I used to listen to. It’s great fun and the sound quality is stunning! :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:t4:


Glad to hear. Try everything about Astrix, it’s pretty good too in a similar style.

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For any House fans… found this group via @jaguone


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Spacey and chill … just what my early morning jetlag needed.

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I just came across this deluxe version. I listened to the original quite a bit. Good album and artist(s).

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He’s really good! No new material in a while though :frowning_face:

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Huge SG Lewis fan. Soulful Electronic on this new track.


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Enjoying this currently.

(Jan) #299 article on Berghain 09. Also on Tidal.

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Great DJ/Producer from UK. Solid debut album!