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As an electronica neophyte, this thread is an education! 81 posts in and I finally come across an album I have. I, too, have a lot of new additions to my library and a whole lot to explore. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and love for these artists.

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Ha, only those that can’t find their way to this screen :grin:


Never found out the correct amount of mushrooms on the cover. :nerd_face:

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Let’s honour the great-grandfathers of electronic music.



and perhaps the ur-great grandfather:

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Dont miss these two albums, electronic masterpieces IMO :slight_smile:

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How could I forget this brilliant album??

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I’m on a roll… :wink:

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Was it really 1997? I’m getting old…

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OK last one for a bit, but at least it’s bang up to date :sunglasses:

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Great listen! Darko writes about him

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Squarepusher. Classic!

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Some great tracks in here! Right now I’m working on getting all of the great Global Underground mixes in to Roon. Some of the early ones are forgettable, but Paul Oakenfold’s 1999 New York mix is a brilliant snapshot of what was still pretty much non-commercial music at the time. One thing I’m loving about going back through these is also the fact they were all mixed on vinyl - and you can really hear that some of these tracks were well-worn before getting used for this recording. :smile:


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Talking of Paul Oakenfold, this is one of my personal favourites from back in “The Day” (or should that be night).

It’s also smack, bang full of classic “Doof Doof Choons”

“Gamemaster” still takes me “there” :wink:



If you know something similar than this, please share! :slight_smile:

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Something remotely similar. Or maybe not. Tycho. Electronic instrumental rock.

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Known to many on here am sure. If not it’s a big one from recent past. V successful globally