Listening to Electronic/House/techno/IDM/EDM

(Scott Fletcher) #102

And if we’re sharing classics from the 90’s this needs to be included. Probably so obvious no one has bothered yet

(Scott Fletcher) #103

(Nondual) #104

If you are into horizontal listening - this is an album. Takes you to some otherworldly places


(Jan) #105

Kangding Ray. Nighttime in Sweden calls for this music.

(Nondual) #106

enjoying this, never heard it before

(Jan) #107

Not for everybody. Distorted and dark.

(sandy kubiak) #108

You should listen to electronic music on Kii3 Speakers. Just amazing especially in a smaller room like mine

(Jan) #109

I’d love to get my hands on the Three’s! I can’t justify the cost though…

(Nic) #110

A few people have mentioned Shpongle already on here - Simon Posford from Younger Brother is also part of Shpongle (and all of these are on his Twisted label). Definitely check out A Flock of Bleeps by Younger Brother - IMHO their best work. Benji Vaughan from Younger Brother also produces solo under the name Prometheus - you’ll likely be in to that as well. If you like all these things so far, you’ll probably like Ott. In particular Blumenkraft is an amazing album.

Close to all these but for something a bit different, you could try Minilogue (I’d recommend the Animals album), or Abakus (his album That Much Closer to the Sun is rather good).

That’s a few off the top of my head. I can get back to you when I’m closer to my record collection for more!

(Nondual) #111

(Jan) #112

Can’t find it on Tidal. Bummer!

(Nondual) #113

yeah unfortunately it’s not on it. It’s a great album if you like IDM/Braindance music though.

(Nic) #114

Wisp released two absolute cracking albums on RDJ’s Rephlex label and then sort of disappeared, sadly. Definitely check out his album We Miss You as well - absolute stonker of a record.

(Nondual) #115

He came back with amazing EP on Analogical Force label under different name

(Nic) #116

Ahhh lovely! Interesting that’s also Kettel’s latest label - I was going to suggest his Myam James 2 album for people who were liking the Wisp sound!

(Nondual) #117

Yep loving all of Kettel’s releases


Thanks, I’ve downloaded both and will give it a try later. Meanwhile, this one is one of my favorite from Ott, a perfect DUB track with 50% reggae and 50% electro:


BTW all albums are not correctly recognized: some are listed under O.T.T and others are listed under Ott. I think the guy changed his name few years ago, so that might be the reason.


Wisp - Opening track of Honor Beats - Who knew bagpipes could work so well with electronic music

(Mark Hyland) #120

Was happy to have snagged this boxset myself…

(Tim Rhodes) #121

Awesome it’s a lovely thing! Now I’m even more hacked off I missed it!