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Amazing work by Tom Green, great mix of piano, noir jazz vibes and electronica.


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oh yes, love his music. Have you also heard Ness?

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(Nic) #126

Continuing with my Global Underground collection - up to Sasha’s San Francisco mix. Bringing back some memories!

(Sean) #127

For any soulful house music fans, the 6min30sec version in Tidal is the one to check out.


(Sean) #128

One more, for any soulful house fans out there.



This Skylon album is amazing.

(Nondual) #130

My favourite of Ott’s albums!


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(Jan) #133

Recondite. Makes commuting easier.

(Scott Fletcher) #134

Like it!
Reminds me very much of…

(Nondual) #135

Yes, Shpongle’s Simon Posford was very inspired by Ozrics, and Ott did mastering on first 3 Shpongle albums and were releasing on Twisted records together. And one of Ozrics member Merv Peple went and formed his own psychill act called Eat Static who is in the same kinda genre as Ott and Shpongle

(Scott Fletcher) #136

Its the dub beginning that reminded me…
I missed out on all the subsequent comings and goings by having turned to rock and metal (still true) . I used to associate the Ozrics with PWEI, and the Levellers but now I see that is quite wrong!

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Answer Code Request

(Emmings) #138

I think Merv Pepler (Eat Static) says that Steve Hillage (System 7) is a big influence on him


Just so happens that I am biased since Eat Static and System 7 are almost on constant play here.

And they are both playing at Hebden Bridge UK at the end of September - guess who’s got tickets :slight_smile:

(Nondual) #139

Love Steve Hilliage music! Now I need to post Gong album to the non-electronic thread! :slight_smile:

(Jan) #140

Enjoying this track from Burnt Friedman’s latest album released 31 Aug.

(Andrew P) #141

I haven’t listened to this one in a while, but it’s a good chillout album. Track 5 - Santa Rosa - is worth a listen.