Live radio and internet connection error

I tried to use the my live radio function and when i select browse live radio, i receive a message to check my internet connection. I have always received intermittent messages in the “about” section of settings that says “there was an error checking for an update” I thought thes might be related and was wondering if anyone in the community had experienced these issues and had any suggestions on how to fix these issues?

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Can you provide a bit more system information so we can try and assist?

What version of Roon are you running right now? You can find thin settings: about if unsure.

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Thanks for following up

I’m running version 1.8 build 884

It’s on a mini mac with 32 gb of ram

i saw something about switching to google dns servers so i’ve done that

Some additional information:

When i try to open this link:
I get the following messages: safari can’t open the page “”. The error is: “load cannot follow more than 20 redirections” (:0)

Happy for Pawel but i started this thread and still seem to be having problem with connectivity to the roon servers

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