Live Radio metadata for 100+ stations incl. BBC, Radio France, FLAC radios and more

FYI … elsewhere I have done all 7 - not efficient but works. You’ll see it in next beta @alec_eiffel

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Thanks so much for making the metadata display work with the Current. It makes listening to this station from Roon possible for me now and the slight delay before the correct metadata is displayed is not a problem for me at all. If a future version of Roon does implement the album art feature in Live Radio as you mentioned in your next post, that would be even better still. Thanks again.

Prodded by this, I have added another four
Carbon Sound
Local Current
Rock the Cradle
The Siren

Purple Current and
Radio Heartland
already existed


The delay shouldn’t be long… I suspect this is due to the recent bugs in Roon regarding Live Radio metadata, which are not completely fixed see No metadata on streaming radio stations [Fixed with Roon update] - #20 by alec_eiffel

Thank you Paul. I have added Metadata for all 7 channels:

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Update Mar 17h, 2023

  • Added Forever La Radio (Bordeaux & Arcachon channels) [FLAC], has covers
  • Added Pure Lounge Radio [FLAC], no covers
  • Removed W1D4 and Lucifer FM (stations down for weeks)

Is this project responsible for me seeing all the metadata for BBC Radio1 broadcasts?

Pleading guilty!

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It’s fabulous, thank you so much!

Scrolling back through this thread, I see BBC R1 was added last sept so I’m slow to show appreciation but I only listen to this station now and again. Having the metadata and then being able to add the track or album to my library from Quobuz is the #1 best feature for me in Roon.

I normally listen to Radio Paradise, where I am currently plagued (like others I see in the other thread) with the metadata not updating (or updating too slowly) when the tracks changes.

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Any Blues Stations with metadata?

I’ve been trying to come up with a way of searching for a music category and a keyword, but I can’t think of one.

However, let me turn the question around - if you have a favourite blues station that doesnt have metadata let us know and we’ll endeavour to add it.

(In the meantime, perhaps some afficionados may suggest a station or two)

Bluesflac is a good one

Possible to add metadata for Jazz24?


Ahh, you’ve found a bug.

Some arrangement of .pls and .m3u8 streams were causing Roon to drop the metadata.

I’ve reassigned streams. Try now.

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Working now. Thank you

Hmm, more testing shows it was just the presence of the .m3u8 stream that was the issue.

I’ll do some more tests and inform the Devs.

I really suck at this. I started by following another’s question about how to search only for flac stations. That thread said it was moved to this thread. I can’t find the answer. I’ve been using Roon since inception. I love the flac and hires stations. But searching for them and adding them to my radio has always been hit or miss. Today I found “super stereo” from Chile and tried to add it from the url and no luck. I then saw that it was added to Roons radio list. But I can’t find it here either. Aarrgh. Is there a step by step direction for this? If this belongs in another thread let me know. Really appreciate any help.



Update I found the super stereo station. Seems like searching by location works best.

Still trying to figure out how to search stations for only hi res and flac though.

Hope for some help. Thankyou.

The easiest is with the magnifying glass at the top right, “superstereo” with no space, scroll down to Live Radio

Thankyou Alec