Live Radio metadata for 100+ stations incl. BBC, Radio France, FLAC radios and more

I am happy to announce that over 60 Internet Radio stations now benefit from exclusive metadata in Live Radio!

BBC, Radio France, most FLAC and other stations are not streaming metadata natively, for various reasons. As a big BBC Radio 6 and Radio France fan, I was frustrated :angry: not to see the artist and song title in Roon. WIth the initial help of @sebastien, I built a metadata retriever, which is now connected to Roon servers. A big thank you to @mike @vova @nathan and @BrianW for their support!

All Roon suscribers benefit from the extra-functionality, no configuration or extension is required :+1:.

The list of metadata enabled stations is available on the server front page. There’s a link for (small!) donations if you think I deserve a beer for the benefit you get :grinning:.

My preferred channels are BBC Radio 6 Music, FIP, France Inter, CRo Jazz (FLAC), France Musique, Mother Earth (FLAC), Naim Radio/Naim Classical (FLAC).

If you have questions, bug reports, or requests for more stations to be considered, post here or contact me through the chatbox on the server’s home page.


Well Done!

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Metadata-enriched stations can also be found by looking for “Metadata Service” in Roon Search (thx @BrianW for tagging them).

(be aware that due to Roon search limitation only 50 stations are shown, there are actually more than 60)


Outstanding. :clap:

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This is awesome! Sent you some beer money. Cheers :beers:

Thank you Mitch! Friday evening, perfect timing :beer: :slight_smile:

Update March 16th,2022

  • ADDED Lucifer FM (FLAC)
  • ADDED Bru Zane Classical
  • ADDED Cro Radio Wave (FLAC)
  • Fixed Intense Radio (FLAC)
  • Fixed Klasu Pro (FLAC)
  • Improved FIP/France Inter/France Culture
  • Improved monitoring tool with dropdown for detailed metadata visualisation


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Fantastic, could you look at the RTE Stations in Ireland & ideally RTE LyricFM.
Not sure if there is any feed provided in real-time.


I’ve been trying to find a feed for songs on RTE Lyric FM. The only one on their site is broadcasting program name, which is not so useful. I have added it anyway. Let me now if it’s worth doing it for the other RTE stations.

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Excellent, just tried it now, as just back home

Could you try for RTE Radio 1 also?

I’ve just added program name display for the 9 RTE stations I found in Roon’s Live Radio database, including RTE Radio 1.


Just a note the Program name doesn’t update as the programs progress. They only update on start/stop of the stream, then the program name is corrected.

That shouldn’t be the case… which station was it?

It was RTE LyricFM and the transition between “Marty in the Morning” and “Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime” at 10am

OK, I have changed a parameter to allow for faster updates in certain cases. I have also seen that not all program updates are relfected in the data feed (5 minutes short programs are not always considered).
But there should not be any need to restart the stream to get updates.

Many thanks - will monitor the transitions - maybe not until the weekend, as it’s back to work from tomorrow for me.

I have written to RTE requesting a real-time metadata feed of what is being played on RTE LyricFM, let’s see if I get a response.

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Update March 22nd, 2022

  • ADDED Mother EarthRadio - Klassik (FLAC)
  • ADDED Mother EarthRadio - Instrumental (FLAC)
  • BUG investigation : RTE stations take minutes to update… Some funky cache stuff happening, will keep looking for the solution…

Hi, There is still an issue with the Program name not updating on RTE LyricFM.
Listening to the station this morning, and the program changes at 1pm IST, but the displayed metadata didn’t change until I stopped and restarted the stream.