Loading Headphone EQ settings

Core Machine

Windows 10 laptop

Network Details

Core is ethernet wired to my home router, a BT home hub

Audio Devices

I’m using my MacBook pro Roon connected over WiFi, my Naim Uniti Atom is Ethernet wired to the router

Description of Issue

I’m trying to load EQ settings from the Jakopasanen Github website. I’ve followed the instructions, created .zip files, tried to add the filter in various ways but it always says “Failed to parse audio file”. I’ve tried to load the .wav files independently, created a .zip of a directory with both .wav files (44100 & 48000 files in it) and tried to load that, created a .zip file of the one .wav file. None work and it always says “Faled to parse audio file”. I’m doing this using my MacBook pro Roon as a remote.

I’m obviously doing something basically wrong, any ideas?

Have you tried using @killdozer’s website?

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My bet is you’re downloading the HTML pages rather than the WAV files from GitHub but do try the site as it should give you the optimal filters you need in a prepared ZIP. If you want a clue to your issue check this post:

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Oh my God, i knew I was doing something fundamentally wrong! Many thanks to you both, I have it working now but I’m going to check out your site killdozer as well.

Thanks again

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When I get some time away from the day job I’m going to add custom filter generation to the site. I have it working from the command line at home but there’s a few hours of work to get it threaded through the site properly. The time is more of a problem than the coding TBH.

Good for you, I’m new to EQ’ing…I’ve just downloaded the .zip file from your site and I can’t get Roon to select the file when I try to add the filter. I’ve got it working with the filter downloaded from Github.

You can only use a Mac or PC client to do the upload, it’s not supported on the phone or tablet interfaces. If that’s not the problem send me the download link and I’ll check it out here.

Ok, I just added .zip to the filename and it’s worked…

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