Logic of Roon scanning of folders


I’m now on my second week of trying to customize Roon, adding albums and tracks from a couple of Qnap NAS.
I see from my iPad the numbers of tracks, albums and artists moving up and down in the status window on my iPad.
What is the logic when scanning?
Some of the newly scanned albums have the correct track numbers, but all tracks are just 3.23 min long.
Is the scanning done in sequenzes?

Please help me to understand the logic for status of the different folders.

That doesn’t seem right. Therefore, tagging @support

Hi @Markku_Huusko,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

How many tracks total do you have that are importing into Roon?

Can you click the blue spinner and share a screenshot of the import screen?

I have a fiber WAN connection to my LAN.
In the network I have 2 Qnap NAS.
Tvs882T with Roon server installed, database on SSD.
The other one TS869 Pro with all my music files.
Made my first Roon installation around Christmas on the Qnap.
Everything was working fine yesterday.
Around 110000 tracks imported, some still remaining.
As remotes using iPhone, iPad and Mac Pro.
No USB in use.
Asus RT-AC88U as router.
A pair of Devialet phantom for audio.

Estimate that I have around 200000 tracks.

Now, later today the number of tracks is only 23000, what is the logic in adding tracks?

Strange things are happening, yesterday I had 173000 tracks and today only 46000!!!

Hi @Markku_Huusko,

This sounds like strange behavior indeed. Can you please download a set of logs from the QNAP by using these instructions and upload them to Dropbox/Google Drive and post a link here?

Also, can you please confirm if you have any backups of your database prior to this issue starting?

Everyday different status, strange :frowning:

What kind of build in limitations are there in Roon? Am I hitting those?

I’m a new user of Roon.

Yes I made a backup a week ago,

These strange things has been there from day one.

Could you please provide upload link to Dropbox?

Latest upload, all tracks the same??

Hi @Markku_Huusko,

I have sent alternate upload instructions via private message, can you please upload your QNAP logs there?

Upload done, link in private message.

Hi @Markku_Huusko,

I took a look over your logs and I’m not seeing any clues as to why this behavior is occurring. You have mentioned that you have a backup of your database, correct?

I suggest we try to reinstall Roon on the QNAP to see if it helps, to do so you will need to change the database locations via the QNAP Web Interface for Roon and select a new folder.

Can you please try reinstalling Roon on the QNAP, restore the backup and let me know if the same behavior is still occurring?

Thank you!


how long time do you estimate Roon need to rebuild the database from scratch on my TVS-882T?
Should I run Roon on my Apple Pro 2013 instead?

Wha do you think?

Hi @Markku_Huusko,

Restoring the database shouldn’t take too long, but it all depends on your library size and it seems that you have quite a large library here so it may take a bit of time.

As for the Apple Pro, it depends on the specs, does it have a faster processor than the TVS-882T?

Hi, is there a newer version of Roon for Qnap available than the one I have installed?

Hi @Markku_Huusko,

According to logs you’re running Roon build 511 and RoonServer QNAP version 2019-06-09, both are the newest versions available.

In would try reinstalling Roon by setting the databases location to be different and then restoring from your backup to see if it helps.