Logitech Vs. Roon

Agreed. Once tags are clean LMS just works.

Agreed, albeit when I switched from CD to digital CD rippers were a relatively new thing. I still have the Plextor SCSI drive I used to rip large chunks of my collection before finally arriving at a 6 x DVD drive ripping station using dbpoweramp’s batch ripper. In those days tagged integration with MusicBrainz was sparse.

Is good for tagging and the developer is on the forum, had it for years.

Using Roon is no excuse for not maintaining a tidy music library, correctly tagged and cleanly organised. :grin:


No but thankfully it doesn’t really on it 100%

I was looking into it a while back, I think someone wrote that the previous behavior was actually a bug. I could be mistaken but it sure was annoying to have 3 different entries for some artists. Especially when some files may or may not have come from the seven seas. :wink:

  1. Adding/removing favorites in LMS show up immediately in the Qobuz app for me.
  2. A nightly rescan works to sync from Qobuz to LMS.

Hi Patrick,
how do you manage to add a Qobuz album that is not yet in your library into LMS favourites? If I browse Qobuz New Releases e.g. I don’t see such option.

Click on the album cover, then after the listing of tracks it’s the second menu item.

Cool, thanx.

Picard, puddletag, bliss, beets, Songkong all do a good job and may or may not be to your liking depending on the amount of auto tagging you’re prepared to tolerate. Most are entirely beholden to MusicBrainz, puddletag isn’t and I suspect Jaikoz and SongKong can leverage additional metadata sources (discogs).