Long gaps between tracks since build 1169

Yep - I told my wife yesterday the long gaps are gone. Today they are back.

Perhaps it’s my wife’s fault?

Seriously - this is shaking my faith in Roon - less focus on ARC more focus on functionality 101 please!

Yep - which if you use mixed playlists almost exclusively, as I do - means a 2 or 5 (or 10 or 20) second gap between basically every track. Almost unusable. Again.


45 second gap switching from one Qobuz track to another on a different album… And no - there is nothing wrong with my wired network or my internet connection - is anybody at Roon taking this issue seriously?


wow, 45 is loooong, with tidal jumping from 44.1 to mqa in the same playlist maximum I’ve got is around 15


Hey @Bluebeat and others,

Due to the inconsistent behavior with this, we’re still investigating potential causes. In the meantime, can you test clearing your database cache and let me know if you still run into this issue?

  • Exit out of Roon
  • Stop RoonServer via the Web UI or from the Grimm MU
  • Find and open your Roon database
  • Navigate to RoonServer/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon and verify if the issue still occurs

Are you now only seeing gaps from Roon Radio? Or, does this still happen across all content types?

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I am getting the same and concur it gets longer over time and with different sample rates.

I’ll do that later this week, @benjamin.

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@benjamin Seemingly I can’t stop Roon server through the MU1 web UI. Therefore I’m reluctant to delete the cache, while the server is running. So I can’t say if it helps. Any pointers?

Hey @Bluebeat,

To confirm, did you input the IP of your core into your web browser, and try stopping that way? You can find your IP by heading to Roon setting> Setup> click ‘Find’ next to Find Roon OS> Click the IP address to open your webUI.

Let me know. :pray:

Hi @benjamin,
The ip brings me to the MU1 interface. I can’t find a way to stop Roon server there. The ‘find’ button doesn’t work by the way, but it wouldn’t make a difference, I know the ip.
Any ideas?

Then it seems you entered the IP of the MU1. To go to the interface of the Core, enter the IP of the Core

The Grimm MU1 runs the Core… there’s no Roon ROCK nor Nucleus involved here… does it have two different IP??

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Ah, I misunderstood that. In that case, hopefully the Grimm will have a way to stop/restart the Roon Server? Maybe not, but seems not a great idea then

Roon support seems to misunderstand that aspect, too. They recommended looking for the IP as if there was some Roon OS device running, but there isn’t. The Core runs on the MU1… which is Core device, streamer, DAC and it probably makes the breakfast orange juice, too…

Yes, that’s what the OP is looking for. I did a quick search in the manual, but didn’t come up with a solution. As owner of such a precious piece of hardware I certainly would insist in having Grimm answer me how to stop the Roon Core server on their product.


Yeah, reading the manual as well. Looks like a fine Roon implementation, based on the description, and they partnered with Roon apparently. They also refer to what Roon support may ask and how to do this on the MU1. So if for some fixes it is necessary to stop the Roon Server, one would think that Roon or Grimm thought of making this possible. I only find info about the database reset button. Indeed probably best asked to Grimm


Hopefully @Justin_V is going to help here again.

I just had the idea of whether it would work if you disconnected the Grimm core machine from the internet, since at least the connection to the Roon server would be stopped.
And hardwire the roon database machine to the Grimm core, to “navigate to RoonServer/Cache and move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop.”


Thanks guys for your input. I’ll reach out to Grimm, they’re very helpful.

Hi guys, thanks @Axel_Lesch for pinging me.

I’m sorry, the MU1 does not have a DAC. The MU2 will have a DAC, but still no orange juice and breakfast.

Currently there is no button to stop or start the Roon core in the MU1, when the “Reset Roon Database” button is pressed in the web interface the Roon core will be shut down and restarted automatically, this will also clear the cache. I am aware that this is a sledgehammer to crack a nut but it does eliminate all Roon related problems in the MU1. We have had other customers reporting the same issue and this did resolve the issue.
Another option is to switch the unit to support mode and we can reset the cache for you. Please send me a PM or fill in our support form so we know what the serial number of your unit is.