Looking for a streaming preamplifier


I’m trying to reduce the number of boxes. Perhaps changing my speakers for active ATCs and go for a preamplifier with streaming capabilities. Something Roon Ready, with analog inputs for my TT and an analog volume control.
I’ve seen the upcoming Brooklyn Bridge 2 that would fit feature wise, but the reported quality problems scare me. Budget would be around 3 grands: what other options should I consider? (Auralic would be above budget)

I can only speak for what I own, a NAD M10 which I love. No analog volume control though. Turntable works like a breeze through it.

As for Mytek, I own the Brooklyn DAC and have had zero issues with it.

Naim Uniti Atom HE has everything you need plus a very good headphone amp as well, not sure of US price but it’s way under 3k here.


I’m also owning the Naim Uniti Atom HE, but there you don’t have a direct analogue path (always A/D and D/A).
Better options are the Goldnote DS-10 + or any Preamp with DAC and analogue input + a small Roon Bridge.

Thanks guys for your ideas.
I had a look at NAD but in the end, I’m a bit adverse to the idea of having the TT signal digitalized and the volume control is digital as well.
I looked also at the Naims Atom and Nova, but I won’t need the amplifier section :frowning:
To give some perspective, I’m currently using a Nuc-Klimax DS-the Truth preamp.
I know that giving up separates and my budget mean I may lose some quality.

That’s true, it does digitise the signal (24/48 I believe). However, I doubt anyone would be able to differentiate in a blind A/B test. I have tried it.


The Atom HE has no power amp, just a preamp with balanced output which would be ideal for running longish leads into active speakers.


Another option is the Matrix Audio Mini I-Pro 3.
Roon ready and Airplay support, though missing Chromecast to make it complete in my mind.

Phono and XLR out, though going to have the same problem with volume control being digital. I mostly use mine for headphones, though I do sometimes drive it into my Bluesound PowerNode 2i as it’s DAC sounds better and does DTS, for when I am in the mood for that.

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Matrix Audio X-SABRE 3 would be great but no analog volume and no analog inputs. ARCAM SA30 has everything you need and also power amp. I run my Roon Ready ARCAM ST60 Streamer through a Parasound Halo P6 pre amp but that would be a two boxes solution. To be honest, there are not many pre amps with analog volume that meet your needs.

I just recalled that the Schiit Freya S is back for a limited time. That’s a GREAT pre amp for $599. Then get a nice Roon Ready Streamer like the MA mini-i Pro 3 and you will have a killer system for almost half your budget.


Maybe a Audio Alchemy (Elac) DDP-2 preamp fits the bill, not shure on the volume control though.

My bad, I knew only of the regular version, I’ll tale a look! The form factor is perfect.

Thank you @Gabriel , the Elac seems also interesting; I’ll try to find if it has an analog volume control

You may be right, but I spent a lot of time on the vinyl part and at home trials are not a common practice in France, and I’m afraid to take the risk.

Your money, your choice. As for the vinyl bit, this is what I listen to mostly. More vinyl, les streaming :slight_smile:

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Ditto NAD C658

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Teac UD701 N should become available soon. Worth a look.

I looked at the NAD but don’t feel it. The Teac looks interesting indeed.
The Elac mentioned above seems really good, it’s on top of my list for now. Still have to check the volume control.

Did you look at the Naim Atom HE? It’s a fully analogue audio control no digital preamp, yes there is an a2d for analogue in, as this allows Naim to provide multiroom to other Naim devices from an analogue source, but it’s a very good a2d, they don’t implement half measures… I don’t notice any issues with it for my TT which is a ClearAudio Concept MC. It really ticks all the boxes you are after , looks stunning and sounds fantastic. The same a2d is used in their top all in one the Nova and many users have LP12’s paired with it. Don’t be put off with the a2d side of things.

For what it’s worth

Yes you’re right, it’s a serious contender as well, thanks.
So the Elac, the Naïm and the Teac to check out!