Looping during playback is a bit, well, loopy

In the player control panel, pressing the Loop control once results in only the current track loops and the Next Track button is greyed-out… yet the icon for the Loop control indicates full-queue loop mode (blue, no ‘1’).

Pressing the Loop control twice results in only the current track looping, but the Next Track button is illuminated… yet the icon for the Loop control indicates single-track loop mode (blue, ‘1’).

When the loop control is is the default state (icon is white, no ‘1’), there is no looping.

FWIW: the Random Play control seems to function as expected… blue=On white=OFF

Window7x64ultimate / latest release of Roon

Thanks for taking care of this oft-used control.


Not quite, one press loops around the current track together with all the tracks in the play queue. This allows one to say loop an entire album. Previous / next track icons are active to be able to step though the tracks within in the loop.

If there is only one track looping track skip is greyed out … unless of course the radio function is active, in which case clicking it exits the loop and starts playing tracks selected by Radio.

Only when the radio function is active.

Hope this helps,

Yes… I understand how it is supposed to work. What I am saying is that the icon for the control behaves as one would expect. However, the actual behavior of the player does not match what you and the guide say!

e.g. put up a queue with 47 tracks, press Play… a track begins to play… then press Loop once (blue, no ‘1’)… the Next Track icon greys-out, and only that track will loop – not the entire queue :anguished:

In other words, save for the greying-out of the Next Track icon, both of the Loop states behave the same, and there is no loop-the-queue functionality.


P.S. Radio function has been disabled, so irrelevant here.

Hi again,

I tested it before posting and it works as advertised for me using an iPad with Roon Core on a Windows 10 PC.

My work flow:

Radio off
Queue is empty
Nothing is playing
Add 5 tracks to queue
Track 1 starts playing
Goto queue screen
Tap loop icon once … it turns blue.
All 5 tracks play

All 5 tracks play

Does this differ to what you did?

Let’s see if someone else can test … maybe @support.
In the meantime can you reboot the Roon Core and test again … just in case that resolves this issue.

PS What version of Roon are you running?

It works as expected for me.

Using iPad Air 2 with Mac Mini Sierra as core.

Cheers, Greg

In an iPh 6s+ works for me as per normal - I can even skip to the next track when on the loop or (1) loop and no greyed out buttons

Press once

Press twice

The behaviour seems OK for me here too.

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