Losing Music from QNAP

My system is QNAP TS 251 > Man Mini > Room > HQ Player >>>>.

The problem is I keep losing the music, I either have to re-browse back to the QNAP of start from fresh. This is starting to get tedious. I think, but I’m not sure, that perhaps playing the internet radio somehow triggers the problem. Help!!


Hi @Rob_Higginson ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles. In order to accurate evaluate this issue, I’d like to gather a bit more data from you.

Would you kindly please expand on the details of your setup as seen here. The more specific you can be, the better.

Furthermore, to make sure I am conceptualizing this issue correctly. You mentioned:

“The problem is I keep losing the music, I either have to re-browse back to the QNap of start from fresh.”

To confirm. The NAS drive is un-mounting in the software and to re-establish this connection you must re-enter the network path of the drive. When this happens are you still able to access this device via finder? Do you ever get an error message from finder saying that the drive has become un-mounted? How are you accessing this drive in Roon (IP address)?


Hi Eric, I’ll try to be more specific. My music is mounted on a standalone QNAP TS 251 linked to the headless Mac Mini via SMB (/volumes/multimedia/music).

Periodically (at least daily) I get a message in the storage section that it can’t find the music files. I then re-browse and link through to the QNAP and it uploads again.

The music folder says it’s disabled, and I link/load straight into the Room Music file. At times it just re-establishes the files, I guess just confirms location. If I try mucking around with the QNAP (in frustration) it starts adding the music to the library again. The collection is not huge around 1000 CD’s.

I suspect I haven’t explained this well but its re-loading the library now and I don’t want to disturb it.

Thanks Rob

Hi @Rob_Higginson ----- Thank you for the feedback and clarification. Very appreciated. Have you tried mounting the device in Roon via an IP address? I’d be curious to see if things would be more stable under those conditions.

Lastly, you had mentioned that if you try “mucking” around with the QNAP it will begin to add music to the library again. Can you provide some insight on this procedure for me? I am curious as to what about this behavior is re-establishing communication with the app.


Hi Eric, by “mucking about” I meant checking its pointing at the SMB link
and going through the Roon browser. I had both SMB and AFP running on the
QNap and I have turned off the AFP.


Hi @Eric,

I came home this evening to “The device containing this media is not available of the folder has been deleted”. It has not been used today at all?

However it appears that the QNAP had only got Guest rights as opposed to Admin? I’m confused !!!



i opened the music folder on my QNAP to all users and also the guest account works flawless.

Roon core also runs on it on a SSD connected to a USB3 port.

the smb share i put in with the hostname of the QNAP (it gets a static ip address from my wlan router) like:


note: Audio is my music share folder on the QNAP :slight_smile:

best regards,


Hi @Rob_Higginson ----- Thank you for the follow up and sharing your most recent observations with me.

Although we do have many users that use a NAS with Roon on OSX that are not having issues, we have heard a number of reports like this and we have been investigating this. For now, this is a known issue that we are working hard to resolve.

We have done significant work to improve for our upcoming 1.3 release, and as that work proceeds, we are also gathering data to better understand the underlying cause(s) of this problem.

With that being said, I will be contacting you via PM shortly to gather some more data so we can try and identify any similar variables or commonalities between users who have been experiencing this problem.

Moving forward, I would highly recommend using Roon’s network storage infrastructure to communicate with the NAS as opposed to mounting it in your operating system and navigating to it via finder. I have provided you an example below of what the path in Roon should resemble when mounting your NAS.


Just adding my little bit:

i would use the hostname instead of the ip address since the ip address my vary with DHCP but the hostname like NASFF04FD sticks (of course if your DNS is local). For QNAP this is quite good implemented.

Of course usage of Static DHCP is the prefered way for a NAS so the ip address for the NAS keeps always the same.

As for the usage of share folders in QNAP:

Internally the QNAP uses for instance IP address(hostname)/share/music but for SMB share it will just be IP address(hostname)/music which you have to add in the Roon core settings!
At least was the case for me :slight_smile:

best regards,


Ive started using the IP address, so far so good, however importing into the organised folder it seems to have become “stuck” at 3426 tracks. Ill leave it over night and see.


Hi @Rob_Higginson ----- Thank you for the follow up and sharing your observations! I am glad that things have been holding up :sunglasses:

I wanted to touch base with you to suggest against using organized folders as we’ve seen instances of user running into problems with this method. I would highly recommend using standard “watch folders” to import content.


Hi Eric, Ive now gone for the watched folders and all seems well, time will show. I suspect most of these problems have been down to me not setting up the Qnap in a sensible way, for instance I had it “resting”, I suspect this will prevent Roon from getting a sufficiently fast response and then assuming it had lost the library. b Anyway many thanks for your prompt support.


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