Loss of scrolling in album and other views [it's a bug: dev ticket in]

Roon Core Machine

NUC in Roon approved list to run ROCK. 9th gen I think
This issue concerns another NUC on the network, used for cueing up music on the main hi-fi, which is a NUC i3 10th gen 16gb ram, running Win10, all updates installed, and with Roon latest stable release

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All elements of the system are wired except one RPi in the garage, of no relevance to this issue.

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size


Description of Issue

Roon as a whole is working fine on all zones, but I have a strange issue only on the hi-fi PC, which only appeared since the last Roon update, or possibly the one before last.

It relates to the albums view which is the one I mainly use, but also I think occurs in artist and composer views.

If I open an album to read the details, or to edit it, after I close it then scrolling becomes unresponsive. Everything else works but I can no longer move down the view using the up and down arrow keys. The scroll bar is also unresponsive to click and drag.

Everything else goes on working. The only resolution is to close then reopen the program, which then works normally, until I open an album.

I often just right click on a number of albums to add them to the queue, which does not cause this problem. However, after quite a few weeks of this it has become enough of a PITA to make the effort to submit it as an issue.

Has anybody else had this problem? Is there any known solution?

I have several times reinstalled the Roon client on this PC, with no improvement.

Nobody? 10 char

Hi, I have the same problem.

Ah, good to hear from somebody! Although sorry you are also experiencing this irritation.
I have found that if I go into a different view, then go back to the one where scrolling has stopped, then scrolling works again.
As I have had no similar problem, ever, in any other application, I can only assume that the issue is with Roon, and not hardware or OS related.
I am thus very disappointed that after 2 weeks there is still no response whatsoever from Roon to a request for support, posted in the Support section of the site.

We’ve never seen this behavior, and I’ve asked QA to try to reproduce.

Any advice you can give us on how to reproduce this would be helpful.

Hi Danny,
Thank you for responding. Here are my observations done with two Windows 10 (fully up to date) control points.
After start of Roon “my albums”, the scroll bar on the right side is working properly. The movement of the full side by clicking in and drag works well. After clicking an album, the album site pops up and the handling of the site is perfect working. Not selecting a song and going back, the problem pops up. The “my albums site” pops up and for a few seconds the scroll bar disappears and after coming back no movement with it is possible.
Few minutes ago, I could figure out, if you after this event move the site little by clicking and drag the site, the scroll bar is not stoned anymore. If you have additional questions, please let me know
Thank you
Bernd Rudolph

Bernd’s description largely mirrors my experience, with the exception that I cannot drag the window at all as I have to run Roon in full screen mode.
I also see the scroll bar slider briefly disappear when I go back to the album view after clicking on a particular album. It then reappears, but doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter whether I select the album to play or not. I also lose scrolling of I do a search, or follow a link to a performer or whatever, then use F1 to go back to the album view.
It is W10 with all updates installed when proposed by Microsoft. The PC does little else except act as a big screen remote control for Roon and as a web browser. It has VLC and JRiver on it, but they are normally closed, and are there solely for video playback.
I hope this helps.

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Hi Simon, Danny, the behavior I could observe in the full screen mode also. Click and drag means movement of all pics. in the “my album” site as an alternative for the scroll bar. For me, it looks like a not fully reinitialisitation of the cursor after coming back from another page. Because if you move by click and drag, it will work again. In this case, the cursor has also to change his position and will reinitialized correct.

we have reproduced it… a developer ticket has been put in.

I don’t know where we are in our release schedule, but it should make it into the next release or another one soon after.


Thanks Danny!

That’s great news. So long as it is now an identified issue, and will be fixed reasonably soon, the PITA is greatly diminished.

Now, if we could also have the option to click straight on to the next album in the view, instead of going back to the all albums view and then clicking the next album …

Hi Simon, it was a pleasure to help a little.

and much appreciated :wink:

Sadly not fixed in the latest version just rolled out. How much longer?

Hi Simon, please read my secound post again and follow my work around and you will not miss much.
This can help you in the sadness :wink:
Best Bernd

:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks, I know the work arounds, and at least the position in the list is now “sticky” when refreshing it to restore navigation.
But it is still a shortcoming due to a coding fault, and so should not be there in the first place.

agree :grinning:

Hi Simon, they could find a solution (880) took a while :roll_eyes:

Yup, it was the first thing I tried. Everything else also seems to work as normal, which is great.

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