Loss of words from Roon screen after putting iMac to sleep mode

Dear @Mike or Roon colleague,

Can you tell me why I lose the words from Roon screen when it is woken up having had iMac computer in sleep mode? OSX El Capitan is used.


Hey @Andrew_Hill – sorry for the trouble. Can you be a little more specific about what you’re seeing here? Can you provide a screenshot?

Also, can you let us know a little more about your system, as described here? Let me know and we’ll get this worked out for you. Thanks!

Dear Mike,
Thanks for your response.

Basic description of system
Computer Intel iMac early 2008 - 4GB RAM
OSX ElCapitan.
Music 470 CDs ripped at 44.1khz 16 bit using iTunes, and stored on Lacie 1TB ‘rugged’ hard drive and backed up via Apple Air Time Capsule
Latest version of ROON plus latest RAAT download incl. internet radio
As of today I’ve taken a ROON Life membership.

Sorry I don’t know how to take a screenshot - but what happens is the Roon screen comes up with images and formatted lines etc but where there should be boxes with typed information it doesn’t appear eg Menu or artist or album information. The name of the track playing is the only writing that appears. The settings boxes don’t have typed info just boxes and ticks etc.

This seems to only happen if I put the iMac to sleep - ie. standby mode not to use electricity overnight. Then when I click on the mouse in the morning to wake the iMac and open the Roon app via the dock - the screen opens but without the typed information. The Roon app on my iPad Air 2 works perfectly when restarted, so I think must be an issue with the iMac El Capitan only partially mounting the Roon software?

I might add that the iMac can and has dismounted the Lacie hard drive from time to time.

I hope the above helps.

Thanks for your time and kind assistance as previously - your customer support is why I upgraded from proposed annual to life membership today despite this temporary issue.

Kind regards,

I forgot to say I have recently downloaded the HQ Player software for Mac OSX


I took a screenshot with my iPad - you’ll see what I talking about for yourself.

The Roon software and HQ Player are working together fine and playing as per what is requested via Roon app on the iPad but RooN screen on the iMac is ‘frozen’ and is not reflectng what the Roon app is playing on the iPad.

It has done this a few times and I have simply re-installed the Roon app on the iMac to get everything working in synch and all the information returns…but I’d rather not have to do that each day!

Kind regards,

I sent the screenshot to your email address, let me know if you haven’t received it, thanks again. I tried pasting the image on this form but couldn’t see it hence the email.
Kind regards,

Mike, Here’s that screenshot…at last!

The email came back undelivered so I’ve tried this form’s “upload icon” which I hadn’t understood what it was, sorry I’ve never responded to any forum before!

Kind regards,

Thanks @Andrew_Hill. Does restarting Roon fix this? Does restarting your iMac?

Is there anything else running at the same time that’s really graphics intensive? Things like Photoshop, Lightroom, lots of web tabs, etc.

For our reference, does this look like your iMac?

The only thing that was ongoing was the updating of the Time Capsule that had inadvertently got switched off. That is now complete, but the frozen screen still persists. Maybe the computer just needs to run for a bit as the beach ball has been coming up. I reinstalled the updated version of Roon on the computer but still no improvement as yet. Yes that is my computer 20inch iMac to which I had to add 4GB RAM to run new OSX El Capitan. I’ll come back to you in a couple of days if it hasn’t resolved itself. Thanks again meantime.

Kind regards, Andrew.

Dear Mike,

I tried launching Roon, without HQPlayer, and the Roon typed screen content came up as it should do

I launched HQPlayer and then clicked the HQPlayer orange hide button and the Roon typed screen content disappeared.

I launched HQPlayer and left HQPlayer open and the Roon typed screen content re-appear, case Solved.

Incidentally I added another 1GB to the 4 GB installed just in case that was also an issue too.

Thanks again for your kind assistance - I’m very glad to be a Life Member of Roon as of yesterday.

May I wish you and your colleagues all success with your future endeavours.

Btw: Have you heard of Feniks Audio’s Essence system (DAC, ICEamp and speaker) - looks excellent - hope they can get the kickstart funding.

Kind regards, Andrew.