Lost database settings? [SOLVED]


sorry, but I’m a bit cranky today and haven’t searched for my problem:
I have the Roon settings and database on a USB-stick, attached to my NAS. While running Roon and listening to music, my NAS cut the connection to the database for a few seconds and Roon stopped working. When the NAS came back, Roon asked me to choose a core, which I did, but after typing in my credentials, Roon was a white sheet and I should have started all over again with selecting where my music was stored, etc. Having a backup, I chose the latest, but Roon said it was unable to recover my data. Same with the two other backups that were listed.


@support Is there any chance to revive my last settings?

Hi @Bernd_Eichhorn1,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

When you selected the Core, did you select the same Core you were previously using?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > General?

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Thanks again Dylan for your fast reply!

What is not working:
Roon starts without reading my library database

How often the issue occurs:
Every time I start the app

The Core:
runs on a QNAP NAS TS-453B, 4GB RAM

NAS is connected to the internet via cable to a Fritz!Box
My devices are connetcted to my network via WiFi (1 Mac, 1 Android tablet)

Audio device:
DAC, connected via USB at the NAS

Library details:
Music is stored on the NAS
No streaming
the database library is stored on a 128 GB USB-stick, connected to the NAS

As written before, Roon Server works and Roon clients too. Because of an unecpected cut of the connection to the USB where my library database is stored while Roon was running, Roon stopped and after re-opening, I had to manually choose a core and my settings and the link to my music files were lost. A backup didn’t work too.


Hi @Bernd_Eichhorn1,

Is the behavior the same if you try to restore one of the older backups? It’s fairly atypical to run the database on a flash drive, is the restore behavior the same if you set the database to the NAS’s local HDD and restore the backup there?

Hi Bernd,
could it be that somehow your USB Stick got disconnected while Roon Server was running?
In that case Roon Server still tries to write to the USB Stick (which in your case is mounted internally at /share/ROON). If this directory disappears due to a disconnect of the drive, Roon Server will still write files to that location and create that directory by itself. Due to this newly created directory, the QNAP can’t mount the USB Stick again on its original location.
Please try to restart your QNAP and check if your original library is restored.


Thanks Noris.

Three backups are shown and all three won’t work.
I put the library database onto a flash drive because Roon suggests not to have the database on spinning hard drives. So I bought me a 128 GB USB drive especially for that.

Hi crieke,

yes, that was what happened: a process on the NAS I started took off the USB stick while Roon was running (I chose the wrong USB stick to work with). The QNAP shows the USB medium as mounted though, but I will give it a try to restart the NAS…

takes some while…

Haha!!! That did the trick. My Roon client asked for the core, I connected and everything is back! Thanks so much for this idea! And please have a beer on my tab!

Hi @Bernd_Eichhorn1,

Happy to hear that @crieke’s instructions helped!

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