Lost Mozart as composer

Wolfgang Amedeus has vanished from the composer list I have a large number of his works in my library from nas and Qobuz. They can all be found, and played and all have Mozart as composer. He was in the composer list, then he wasn’t. Any ideas on how to bring him back very welcome.

We all lost Wolfgag 243 or so years ago and though I understand your feelings about this, I really don’t think we can bring him back! :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Sorry, I do not mean disrespect for your roon related problem, I just couldn’t help myself!


It is the Salieri virus.

Thomas Tallis however is still there. This is actually an annoying issue as being able to sort by composer is, for me, a big roon benefit. So any ideas please?

He’s still here for me. I’ve moved your message into the Support category of the Forum, where it will be seen and responded to by a member of Roon’s Support team. Please describe your Roon setup to help in their diagnosis of your issue.

Could it be the inverse of the Dolly Parton bug reported here:?

Can you recall what Mozart releases you addded recently? If so, I might try removing one or two from my library in case it was some bad metadata that causes Roon to fail, rather like it did for Dolly Parton in my case. Or perhaps you have the “Classical only” switch selected, and Roon in its infinite wisdom has decided that Mozart is no longer classical.

And, just for the record, Mozart appears not only as a composer for me, but as a performer and producer.

If it casts any light, the settings on my Composer view were reset somehow

They were set

Classical Only
Sort by No composition

Both were unset ???

Hi @Colin_Rogers,

If you do a search for Mozart does he show up?

Can you share a screenshot of what you see on the Composers screen where he should be?


Thanks for the interst so far.I am a newcomer to Roon. I use ROCK on a NUC using the latest Roon software. Output to various devices but I don’t think that that will have any relevance.

If I search for Mozart the search turns up all my library contents, each of those I have checked shows Mozart as composer. A click on the Mozart link at that point brings up the list of Mozart works. So all seems well. However, if I go direct to Composers, Mozart (Wolfgang) is missing. See screenshot. I may well have done something to hide him, but have no idea what. All other composers seem to be present and correct. The composer view is normally set to classical only. He is still missing if that option is turned off. Any insights welcome

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OK, then let’s try approaching the issue from a different angle. Pull up an album that has Mozart listed as Composer, and then click on his link: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That should take you to his Composer page. Is this where you end up? For example, I start from this album, click on his link and end up on his Composer page:

Can you post a screenshot of his Composer page?

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Thanks for the clarification, @Colin_Rogers.

If you Filter the Composers page by Mozart do you see him show up? That option is the icon next to Search.

I also see you have it limited to Classical only — While Mozart should be showing up in that filter, it would be good to see if that was removed if there was any change.

Finally, if none of the above results in any change, I definitely agree with Geoff — Some screenshots of the Mozart composer page would be helpful here.


I will do the screen shots later, little time right now. However, I have noticed that I am unable to make Mozart a favourite composer. I have confirmed that I can do this for others, e.g. JS Bach and Beethoven.

Can you see the format of your Composer file tags. You haven’t changed it by accident

Roon will recognise

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Non of the fancy.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus with or without Dates etc

Maybe download MP3Tag , free, and check that out

Thanks again for the interest. The tags are fine. I have done a random check just now. Much of my library is from Qobuz and I did an extensive re-edit of tags when I started to use Roon. Mozart did show up initially in the composers list, so something has happened since I started using Roon.

I can replicate the route through to Mozart as composer used by Geoff. A screenshot of the top bit of that follows. Just to repeat, I note that I am unable to make Mozart a favourite composer, nor can I unfavourite him nor block him. The icon and the drop down for that function do nothing. Filtering for Mozart brings up his Dad Leopold, but not the boy himself.

it is possible to live with this of course as I can get to the full list of Mozart as composer thorough a somewhat clunky route. I am mainly concerned that I have done something foolish that I might do again with more serious consequences. (It has been known)

It’s all very odd. Have you merged any of his compositions, by any chance? Perhaps if you have, he’s become locked to a different Mozart “object” that has a different name. I confess I’m stumped. Over to you @dylan

Hi @Colin_Rogers,

Thanks for the details here. Definitely strange symptoms.

First, I’d like to rule out any potential merging issues that may have occurred. It seems unlikely, but if Mozart was involved in any merges that might account for some of the strange behavior. You can find this by going to Settings > Library. There are options for Un-merge Artists and Un-merge Compositions. Does anything show up in either of those for Mozart?

Additionally, if you go to the Artist Editor for Mozart do you have any edits there or is it all default Roon options?

Thanks again for the help. No edits have been made to Mozart as composer. All as per Roon. There was one merged composition. Unmerged a few days ago to no effect.

However, logged in today and there he was back in the composer list just as he used to be.
Cannot think of anything I did that might have led to that. A mystery compounded. Thanks again for the help.

I’m glad to hear that things have returned to normal, @Colin_Rogers. If you see this occur again please reach out!

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