Roon search fails to find nearly all Dolly Parton albums

I have Qobuz. And no Dolly Parton albums of my own. If I search for “Dolly Parton” Roon bring up the Artist Dolly Parton as the Top Result. Roon gives only 13 albums connected to Dolly Parton. If I click through on the Artist Dolly Parton I get a compositions view. 1 composition in my Library, 592 on Qobuz. But I want the albums for which Dolly Parton is an artist, and I can’t find any way of getting them. Usually on an artist page who is also a composer you get a couple of buttons to select between compositions and performances, but there’s nothing like that for Dolly Parton. How can I get a list of Dolly Parton albums? There are dozens and dozens in Qobuz.

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OK. I can offer some more information. I have one album in my library called Country for Old Men by John Scofield with a track on it called Jolene, written by Dolly Parton. With this album in my library, the search for Dolly Parton behaves as above. If I remove the Country for Old Men album and repeat the search, I then do get the Performer/Composer choice on the Dolly Parton Artist Page.

This is just wrong!

I’m in the UK and it finds about 85 Dolly Albums on Tidal

You need to read both my posts to understand the problem. Essentially Roon behaves differently and unexpectedly if I have a track composed by Dolly Parton in my library or not.

I’m in the US with Qobuz and no DP albums locally. I also get 85 albums.
I added the Scofield album to my library and searched again. I still got 85 albums.
I went to the specific Jolene track and clicked on Dolly Parton and still got 85 albums.
So, I don’t doubt you are seeing it, but I can’t reproduce it.

With “Country for Old Men” in my library, I do not get the Performer/Composer options on the Artist page, no albums get listed, only tracks which she composed, but not necessarily performs on.

Without “Country for Old Men” in my library, I get the Performer/Composer options, and when I select Performer there are 110 Albums. (Which is what I would expect).

Hello Jez!

I had the same experience just last night with Bert Kaempfert. I have only compositions of him in my library (Sinatra, Charlie Rich, Elvis Presley). I had to go to the compositions in Qobuz and then search out an album by him and then click on the artist’s link to get all his albums on Qobuz. I guess you can also go to the versions of your Scofield album, choose the Qobuz version and from there you can click on Dolly Parton.

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I have tried a few composition credits from tracks by DP in my library and I don’t see a problem. You may want to tag @joel to look into your database issue. Something must be amiss

Perhaps you don’t see a problem because you haven’t repeated the conditions under which the problem occurs. Stefan does and has.

Hi @Jez,

This issue stems from having compositions from an artist but not any of their main albums. Once you have an album from an artist in your library as well you are given the option to switch between Performer and Composer.

We have a solution in the works for this, but we can’t give any timeframes just yet. You have our apologies for the trouble!


I can confirm what Stefan said – I have compositions by Kaempfert in my library (Elvis and Sinatra) but no albums by him. When I search him in Roon I have the same problem. I cannot access any albums by Kaempfert directly, only hundreds of albums by other people where he is listed as a composer (I have both Qobuz and Tidal). There is no Performer – Composer toggle.

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Thanks @dylan. And thanks @armandhammer and @Stefan_Kernen for corroborating. I guessed it was something like that - Roon decided that Dolly Parton was only a composer based on the fact that sole instance of her in my library was a composition. Bizarre thing is (I’ve subsequently discovered) is that if I click through her artist page and pick an arbitrary composition, say 9 to 5, then get the Composition page for that, and if I click the Dolly Parton there she comes up as both a Composer and Performer, which she didn’t a few clicks earlier! Go figure. Glad you are aware of the issue. Add it to all the other issues to do with search that people have encountered and solve them all please.

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Just to bump this issue, and link this other report topic:

Hi @dylan - can you confirm that Roon are still aware that the issue still needs to be fixed?

An artist’s albums are still not shown in the Discography section if you only have their compositions in your library.

Roon only shows albums that you favourite from a streaming service. I can also find some albums in the ‘Selected Discography’ panel on the albums I have favourited in Qobuz:

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