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ROCK, azulle inspire mini pc core with andriod phone and ipad remotes, 710

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Wired connection to wireless router between nas and core. Wireless to phone tablet

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Usb dac toppings d50s

Description Of Issue

Strange issue I noticed today. If I search Hoyt Axton and click the artist option in the search results it will only take me to the composer view and not the performer view. No option to select performer. I managed to get a song of his playing then I selected the link of the artist name then it takes me to the standard performer view where there is the selector to the right. Try searching his name again to see what happens and again only composer. I apparently don’t have any digital albums in my collection so when I finagled into the performer page I added an album from tidal to library. Now if I search his name and click the artist search results it goes back to standard page. Is this expected? I would think with tidal integration I should still be able to view performer page even if I don’t have it loaded in my library. Thanks for any comments!

Issue persist when I found another artist not in my library.

Several of us were discussing this issue the other day. It appears to be a bug that will be addressed by the devs in a future update.

See: Can't see albums for artist (Joni Mitchell)

and: Roon search fails to find nearly all Dolly Parton albums

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@wkimbel87 Thanks for the reply. Yes that is exactly my issue. Good to know I am not the only one. Hopefully fixed soon or I dont happen to be searching for artist that fit into this bug very often. Ha ha. Thanks again.

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