Lost my playlists with iTunes content

Hi there,

after I upload the new Apple software Catalina I lost all of my iTunes playlists, even the one created on Roon with iTunes content are there but empty… is there anybody complain about the same problem and can you help me out with this matter

First off, I’d post in the support area. I believe Apple made changes to the way iTunes works in that you have to generate an XML file now.

Recent versions of iTunes do not create the XML file by default, so you will need to ensure the file is generated by checking this screen and making sure the Share iTunes Library XML option is checked.

From https://kb.roonlabs.com/iTunes

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Thank you for your prompt response… I have a sonic transporter server with Ultrarendu network player (by Small green computers). The sonic transporter is Roon ready and my Roon core is on it, alone with all of my music files store there including iTunes.When I open iTunes there I can see my XML file …( will provide a picture of the set up) but somehow Roon doesn’t see it and as I describe my problem ir is not only Roon doesn’t see the XML but, I created some playlists though Roon with iTunes files and they show on Roon but 1 or 0 files in them. I know Apple did something with the new software and now is a mess, but please help me ou.

Hi @Bobby_Stankov,

The XML needs to be in the same location as the music it references and it needs to be added as a watched storage location under Roon Settings -> Storage.

Can you share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage tab? I wonder if something got messed up there.

Here’s the Screenshot from my Roon setting storage

Finally was able to find the iTunes playlist by moving the XML to music, thanks for your advice, but the players I created through Roon with iTunes files are still empty is there any solution for that? Thanks

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Hi @Bobby_Stankov,

Can you share a screenshot of your playlist with the missing files?
Do you see the tracks show up as unavailable there?

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Thanks for those screenshots @Bobby_Stankov! I’m seeing a few of the playlists are shared playlists, are they accessible under another profile by any chance?

The secon fourth sixth and seventh from the top down are accessible

Hi guys I’m still waiting for solution of my playlists problem if any, please let me know either or… Thanks

Hi @Bobby_Stankov,

Are you certain that you are using the correct Roon Profile?
I’m wondering if you don’t have another profile accidentally selected.

Absolutely I’m positive…As I told you before, it all happened after I upgraded my computer with the new OS… I didn’t change anything in the server

Hi @Bobby_Stankov,

Can you please upload both of the .XMLs contained in your iTunes folder and provide the name of one of the missing playlists?

We should focus on one playlist to start off with, and then if we find the issue, it is possible it will fix the rest as well.

I have sent you a private message where you can upload the XMLs, please just notify me when it’s complete, thanks!

Before I do that I want to clarify once again, I retrieved the playlist that ware created in iTunes, I cannot find the content of the playlists I created in Roon with iTunes tracks … the playlists are there with the names I created but they are empty or 1-2 tracks as shown on the pictures … Of course if that helps I will try to upload the XML’ s to the link … please advise, thanks

I have problem with for an example 70’s songs and 80’s favorites playlists from the picture…

Hi @Bobby_Stankov,

Does this mean that manually searching for a track which should have been in the playlist yields no results in Roon (even outside the playlist)?

Yes, please do upload the XML and let me know once you have done so, I want take a look to see what content should be in the 70s and 80s playlist and the path listed in the XML. Thanks!

Well the tracks exist in Roon overview but not in the playlists

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Hi @Bobby_Stankov,

If the tracks are appearing in Roon, I would like to see the XML in that case.
Please let me know once it has been uploaded and I’ll take a look, thanks!

I am out of town I’ll do it as soon as I come back … thanks

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