Loud bursts of static white noise

I am also getting short loud bursts of white noise. I just subscribed to Qobuz and turned off my Tidal subscription and these bursts of digital noise have started since. Typically, when starting a song.

Hi @David_Hopwood,

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Can you please let me know some more information here?

  • What is your Core specification?
  • What endpoint do you experience this issue with?
  • Does the same issue happen across multiple endpoints?
  • Do local library files exhibit the same behavior?


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I have a Nucleus II and a PS Audio Directstream DAC and, as i said previously, this has just started since I disabled Tidal and enabled Qobuz. I will try a full reboot of all my equipment tomorrow and see if it keeps happening.

Restarting my computer and DAC solved the job once…

Seems to have resolved itself after reboot.

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Hello @David_Hopwood,

Thanks for letting me know that the issue is resolved after a reboot. Just wanted to mention it to you here, I have seen similar symptoms on a PS Audio Directstream DAC due to the firmware version. If this issue occurs again I would check to see if this is not the cause as it was in this similar thread:


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