Low Quality Signal Chain Tidal albums playing half songs [Solved]

We’ve reproduced guys. Working on a fix now.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

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Thanks again for all the detailed reports guys – this will be fixed for the next release!

Thank you!

Hey guys – build 55 is live with a fix for this issue. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks everyone!

Problem solved! Thanks! :grinning:

Works for me.

Working for me as well! Great support from Roon team!

I’ve found one Tidal album, which is a HIFI Flac quality one, but has problems with skipping before the end of the track so I thought this thread might be the right place from that standpoint…the 1st track doesn’t even start correctly, and skips after 30 seconds. Each of the next several tracks skips forward before the end.

It plays fine on the Tidal (Mac) app

Early Chicago Jazz, Vol. 1 (1923-25)(Timeless Historical)


Hey @Tatifan,

Thanks for the report, I can reproduce the described behaviour. But I don’t think that this has something to do with Roon - I can see the same behaviour when listening through TIDAL website. Let’s notify @palbratelund, from TIDAL, about this issue.


Thanks for replying! I see, so the webpage version reproduces the behavior? I didn’t check that, but on my Mac the standalone Tidal app most definitely does NOT exhibit the problem. Strange indeed, but that’s what I get here. Certainly, I’ve found other albums with across the board issues, and some are even sold (despite my notifying them via customer service and getting a reply that acknowledges the issue) in their new Tidal store!

I wish there were a way to really get through to someone at Tidal, because there are many many problem titles, the tip of the iceberg being a whole slew of Deutsche Grammophon titles that are afflicted with horrible flutter (not present on the same titles on Spotify, Apple music, google, etc). Try the “Barber:The Complete Songs” set. It’s a bit subtle a problem at first, but then you hear an effect like a propellor blade chopping up the sound before it reaches you. Sorry, I know this is OT, but amidst all the GOOD from Tidal is some shoddy proofing and other things that goof up even your stellar attempts to give some order to their chaos.

Thanks for letting us know. Remember, we are only in the hands of whatever the label serves us. Here - someone has uploaded the 30 second previews as the full track. We’ll have a look if they provided the full files so we can swap them or we’ll have to ask for a redelivery.

We are constantly trying to fix whatever we get notifications on, but quite often we have to go back to the label and ask for redelivery and that takes some time. We’re for example waiting for a full redelivery of the Deutsche Grammophon catalogue. I’m afraid that’s just how the world moves. It’s not us sitting here like monkeys ripping CDs - this is all provided by labels and mostly they are good. Some are not. :wink:

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[quote=“palbratelund, post:34, topic:3330, full:true”]
It’s not us sitting here like monkeys ripping CDs…[/quote]

No, that would be me.