Roon 1.1 (Build 55) Released!

Hey all!

A new version of Roon has gone live, with a few important bug fixes, along with a couple of new features. We’ve been thrilled with the reaction to our 1.1 release and our iPad remote, and we’re already hard at work on the next round of functionality!

For now, we hope everyone is enjoying 1.1, and keeps the feedback coming – as you can see below, many of the major bugs closed for this release were discovered by end users and reported on this forum. If you see something that looks wrong, definitely let us know.

We really appreciate all the kind words, as well as the constructive criticism – even if we don’t respond to every post, we see it all and it drives us to keep making Roon even better!

Thanks everyone!

Roon 1.1 (Build 55) Release Notes

Build 55 is now live for OSX and Windows. Updated versions have been submitted to the Play Store and App Store, and will be live pending their respective approval processes.

New Features:

  • Select All is available from the command bar on various browsers and detail screens
  • Play From Here is available from the command bar when selecting a track on album details
  • History now supports the deletion of plays
  • The Tidal browser’s Refresh button now syncs your Tidal favorites, in addition to refreshing Tidal editorial content

Bug Fixes:

  • OpenGL errors in 1.1 fixed (discussed here)

  • AAC Tracks from Tidal no longer stop halfway (discussed here)

  • Fixed a regression in the display of play counts when hovering on album details (discussed here)

  • Crash related to artists whose name contains brackets (discussed here)

  • Star ratings shown properly on artist details in dark theme (discussed here)

  • Better handling of duplicates when content is deleted

  • Volume control disabled when using ASIO (discussed here)

  • Fixed an issue with the crossfade/volume leveling popup (discussed here)