Number of plays details have vanished

Late yesterday I noticed that the dots showing the number of plays had disappeared from the grid next to each track. The tracks still show up in the history though. Could this have happened in the upgrade and is there a way I can get this data back?

Where is this track play count number located as I’ve never seen a dot with play count anywhere.

EDIT: just found it.

If you hover over the dot you get a pop-up showing the number of plays and when the track was last played. I’ll be sad to have lost this information.

Good catch @chrisbyrd – I think this is a bug, but I’m checking.

Thanks Mike. I can’t be completely sure but this only seems to affect albums that I’ve listened to in Tidal and subsequently bought. I’d noticed the problem because I was working my way through the Jean-Efflam Bavouzet Debussy set. Weirdly though, playing a track again does add a dot to the grid.

Sorry guys, this seems to have mysteriously broken. I just fixed it, you’ll see it in the next build.

Thanks Brian, great support as always😀

Hey guys – build 55 is live with a fix for this issue. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks everyone!

Thanks Mike - it’s looking good so far but I’ll let you know if I hit any problems.