Tidal ratings for albums not visible in 1.1 update?

I’m loving the Roon/Tidal combination for discovery and adding music to my library that I’ve always enjoyed listening to, but never purchased. My starting point has been to look at other albums by artists already in my library. For artists with large catalogs, I have been going with highly rated albums first. Since I updated to Roon 1.1, I can no longer see Tidal ‘Main Album’ ratings. I can see stars very faintly, but 5 are visible for every album. Is there a way to restore the Tidal ratings? Thanks!

I checked out the ratings for a couple of artists and found that I can see the ratings for Tidal albums that aren’t in my library.

However, I’m using the Dark Theme background and so I switched to Light Theme and found the same situation as you.

Try changing to Dark Theme and see what you get.

It looks like you found a bug, but only when using Light Theme.

Cheers, Greg

Yep, I can duplicate that - ratings are visible in the dark theme. Bug. Not a major one, and I hadn’t tried the dark theme up to now, I think I like it, thanks for the nudge to the dark side!

Ha ha! Welcome to the dark side! Yeah, I really prefer it too.

You should probably move this thread to the support forum. Should be a pencil next to the thread title at the top of this page.

Cheers, Greg

Will do, I was wondering if there was a better way to flag this as a bug.

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Good catch @kneville – we’ll get this fixed for the next release.

Hey guys – build 55 is live with a fix for this issue. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks everyone!