Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Day 6): all tracks unavailable in Roon, playing fine in Tidal app

All tracks unavailable in Roon:

Playing fine in the Tidal app:

Anyone else experiencing this?

Playing fine for me on NUC with ROCK…

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Just rebooted my NUC running ROCK, but no change.

I had never heard this, very gentle music, now playing track 7, all good… I know not a lot of help to you but it seems not to be Tidal back-end or the Roon interconnect per see as it is working fine here. I take it other Tidal stuff is working OK for you on Roon, if so probably needs @support assistance.

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Moved to @support section.

I had the same issue but found a work-around. Turns out there are two versions of the album on Tidal: 1) MQA 96kHz and 2) CD quality. When I made the MQA version my favorite, all the tracks were unavailable. So, I added the CD quality version and all the tracks were available on that album. Then, I checked back to the MQA version and all the tracks were suddenly available and played correctly in MQA. Go figure!

I found both versions on Tidal and I have favorited them both.
Now both versions appear in Roon, but for both versions all tracks are unavailable.
Showing the non-MQA version here:

Hi @seagull,

Can you verify which region your TIDAL account is for?

Hi @dylan,
I’m in Belgium and I have a Tidal HiFi Family subscription since 22 January 2017 and never experienced issues before.
My subscription does not mention a region, not in the app, not in the subscription details on the website, not on the payment requests, not on the receipts.

Seagull: Instead of making the album a favorite in the Tidal application, do this instead: Go to Roon and when you access the MQA version, click on the “versions” tab within Roon. This will show the CD version. Make the CD version your preferred version within Roon. See whether you now can access the tracks. If you can, great! Also, if the CD version is now okay, you can delete the MQA version within Roon and then re-add it. I did that and the tracks suddenly appeared. Not sure why this happened but the key for me was to do everything within the Roon eco-system.

Done that, but the non-MQA version only showed up after I favorited it in Tidal.
Now I can switch between both versions but both have all tracks unavailable.

It doesn’t matter…Tidal just take the location of your IP address and assign THAT region to your account.

I know this as I originally signed up a few years ago whilst working in Italy and only later realised that I had an Italian account.

Seagull, can you delete the album in Roon and then search for the album in Roon? Again, working in the Roon eco-system seemed a way to work around this issue.

Deleted both versions.
When I search for the album in Roon it shows with all tracks unavailable even before I add it to my library.
I have no issues with the previous versions, Day 1 through Day 5 or with any other Einaudi albums available on Tidal.

Sorry. Guess that @support might help…

Started today. Plays fine in Tidal app but not Roon. I’m using a Roon ROCK

Hi @seagull,

We see that this album is available in the TIDAL app, but the data that TIDAL has provided us with this album is showing that it’s not available until September 16th, which is why it can’t be played in Roon. We are looking into this.

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Curious, because I played it in Roon yesterday…

Tidal put you in the Brexit zone already … :grin:

Just added the MQA version to my Queue, all rearing to go! If so that will be the ONLY advantage of Brexit, because the whole thing is crazy. Crazy crazy!

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