Lyngdorf and Tidal Multi-channel Audio

Hi - Very new user to Roon, but impressed so far. I’m asking whether the RoonPlayer implementation on a Lyngdorf MP50 can support multi-channel audio, for example from Tidal.

When I enter Audio setup I don’t see the multi-channel configuration option that is in Roon Help for this option.

At the moment everything is played in PCM 2.0.

My setup is Roon Core on MAC OS/X - then using the Lyngdorf Network Player to play either my library or Tidal.


The Media Player of this product seems to be limited to 2-channel stereo playback according to the published Lyngdorf MP-50 whitepaper.

Even DLNA playback is limited to stereo (MP-50 fact sheet).

Media player:
Internet radio, Airplay, Spotify Connect, DLNA Support (Stereo)

Looks like you need to use another link (like for example HDMI) that supports multi-channel audio.
Update: As of the papers linked above, I’m not even sure it accepts simple PCM audio multi-channel streams over HDMI as I can’t find that listed anywhere.

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The MP-50 does support multichannel PCM audio over HDMI. I use an Intel NUC running Roon Bridge on Ubuntu as my player. Works fine. Multichannel audio input clearly shown on the MP-50 Web interface.