Mac OS: no back button

In the Mac OS Roon Remote, the software doesn’t acknowledge the standard browser swipes back and forward between pages. Nor does the software have hotkeys mapped to such functionality. It would be a lot better, wouldn’t it, if Roon—which does a lot of browsery things—did this, too?

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I may be misunderstanding this suggestion. For me (on a mac) using the right and left arrow keys swipes between pages. I’m also able to do so with left and right swipes across my mouse (apple magic mouse).

Is the functionality you’re looking for different than this?

Yeah. That’s pretty weird.

Sorry, but not sure what you mean

Oops. I meant “yeah, that’s the functionality I was talking about.”

I’m using the Apple trackpad, not the Magic Mouse, but that shouldn’t matter. At any rate, forward/back gestures somehow don’t work, although the cmd-arrow keys do work.

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I just plugged in a apple magic trackpad, and found it works exactly like the mouse. Swiping left or right moves between the pages on roon. I wonder what is different between our configurations!

I’ve attached a screenshot of my scroll & zoom settings if it is of any help.
Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 9.32.30 AM|690x457

I think he is talking about moving backwards and forwards through your viewing history, emulating the forward and back buttons on the top of the pages when you are not looking through Artists or Albums in your library. I can swipe through the Artist pages in my Library, but if I navigate to an album and want to move back to the artist page, swiping does nothing and I have to use either the keyboard shortcut or the back arrow at the top of the page. You can do that with swiping? If so I gotta figure out how to do that too!

This has been missing since forever, indeed. This is not specific to the trackpad, Roon also ignores “back/forward” commands from other devices like mice with extra buttons. I think they just do not have support for the operating system level the “back” and “forward” commands.

BTW, they do not support this on iOS either. System level back/forward gestures (swipe from side edges) do not navigate between pages. So it feels like an omission (slightly annoying one!) across the codebase.

You know, I’m not 100% sure Roon gets ANY of its mouse events from the OS. One other thing I’ve noticed over the past few days is that I have to press and hold a trackpad click a little longer in Roon than I do in other programs, or it doesn’t register the click.

Anyhoo, it’s good to know that the back button thing isn’t just that I’m insane.

Indeed, the clicking action w/ trackpads (internal or external) have been an issue that got also raised with Support.

Check this thread, and see if the videos I included at the bottom match your description about the input inconsistencies.

If they match, would you mind adding your experience to that thread? The louder the feedback, I hope the quicker the fix will arrive.

My running, non-confirmed theory on this is, Roon is sharing its UI interaction code (to a degree) with the apps running on other devices that are primarily touch-based (tablets probably) and the “click” action might have been tweaked/weakened to a degree to not register accidental clicks on these devices, basically affecting desktop/laptop based input with it.

Give control-left, control-right a try.

The cmd-left and cmd-right options work fine. Trackpad gestures do not.

I have to say I’m baffled by this. I’ve been using roon on mac from the beginning and have never had any trouble with button clicks or trackpad gestures. This appears to be severely impacting a small number of people using roon (i.e. it looks very real, but a corner case). There must be some other thing at work here. I hope the roon team are able to figure this one out.

Good luck

Those work just fine.
Are you saying that right now you can use your trackpad or mouse to go backwards from any page you are at to the previous one? No just scrolling through your library?

I use control-left/right for history navigation, and mouse/trackpad swipes for navigating lists (like the albums view).

Does that answer what you’re getting at, or am I missing the question?


Oh ok, thanks! That answers my question.

You can use something like BetterTouchTool to create custom gestures for Roon or any other application. I‘ve set it up to send the keyboard shortcuts for going back and forth when horizontal two finger swipes are performed on my Magic Trackpad—it works well.

Overall I agree though, it would be nice if these things wouldn‘t bite end users in the backside. I love Roon, but it would be so much nicer if it made full use of the native capabilities of the supported platforms. :blue_heart:


I also use BetterTouchTool to realize swipes.

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Well, this is what made the situation so weird. I already had used a program called Multitouch to set up system-wide forward/back actions, using the usual cmd-] and cmd-[ actions mapped to trackpad gestures. I had to dive into Roon’s hotkeys to find that Roon uses a non-standard hotkey combo for those actions: cmd-left_arrow and cmd-right_arrow.