MacBook Air - Stops once per session

I have Roon on my MacBook Air alongside Tidal. This is played on a Devialet 250 Pro. Every time I start a new session the music will stop playing. The control looks as though it is playing but the streaming of music is stopped. I press stop on the Roon screen and then start and the music continues uninterrupted for the rest of my session.

I occasionally have the issue where music will stop playing but only when Roon is rescanning my music collection. When your music stops check Settings—>Storage ( or look at the top of your main screen and see I the wheel is spinning at the top right). If a rescan is progress you will have the stoppage or Tidal dropouts.

Hi @Ian_McGregor ----- Thank you for the post and sharing your observations with us. The insight is always appreciated!

Moving forward, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following information:

  • An expanded description of your current setup, using this link as a guide.

  • Please outline your network configuration/topology, being sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you may be implementing. I want to have a clear understanding of what the “chain of communication” looks like in your setup and what tools are being used to make these connections possible.

  • Please confirm that you have configured 250Pro according to the instructions found in our knowledge base here.

  • Please verify the following…

    • Based on your report it sounds like you are getting dropouts while streaming TIDAL content, how does locally stored content behave?

    • If you stream TIDAL or local content directly out of the MBA via it’s internal speakers, do you still make the same observation(s) that you do with the 250Pro?


I am running Roon and Tidal on my MacBook Air which has 8Gb memory and Sierra 10.12.6. which has 512 GB SSD. Roon is version 1.3. Access (build 262 ) stable (64bit). Access to Room is via Tidal is version (W::2.4.2__7) NP(2.4.3)

My Devialet 250 Pro is connected to my network via an ethernet connection. My Router is SKY Q and my internet connection is approximately 40MB. My MacBook AIR speaks to the Deviate via WiFi. Signal path to Room is Tidal Flac 44khz 16bit 2 ch. .- Decialet Air Bit perfect Asynchronous mode - Output analog output. The configuration is standard Tidal with no changes by myself.

This fault is intermittent and am playing Roon at the moment and so far no breaks. Am currently only using Tidal i.e. no locally stored music…

Hope this helps.


Ian McGregor

Actually, I just checked Apple updates and it tells me I have updated to OS 11.0 on Sep 20, but this is not reflected in About This Mac.

Hi @Ian_McGregor ---- Thank you for getting back to me with the requested information, very appreciated!

I wanted to touch base with you to see how things are holding up. Any new observations or progress here? Furthermore, did you have chance to test playback out of the MacBook Air’s internal speakers, temporarily bypassing the 260Pro?

Previous post: “If you stream TIDAL or local content directly out of the MBA via it’s internal speakers, do you still make the same observation(s) that you do with the 250Pro?”


Sorry, have not run Roon through the MBA speakers yet. However, I was playing it yesterday and at the start of a Radiohead track from a playlist, the music did got all confused and refused to move on.

Stopped and started the music from the screen controller, but that didn’t work and then I exited Roon and restarted it which of course allows you to start from where you left off, and that also failed. I then rebooted the MBA and it worked fine.

Suggests to me that there is memory corruption of some form. Also, although I do have SSDs it seems to run pretty hot when Roon is active, and if run on battery power alone it depletes pretty quickly, albeit that would be several hours.

Hi @Ian_McGregor ----- Thank you for the continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience. Apologies for the slow response here.

How did you make out with the MBA speaker test? Furthermore how has the 250 pro been holding up? If you are still having dropouts with the 250, I’d like to see a screenshot of your signal path when the issue occurs. If possible. Let me know!