MacBook Energy consumption in 1.4

Roon on my Macs seems to be gobbling a lot of energy since the update, first time I have ever heard the fans on y Macbook pro.

Macbook Version…

I’m having to kill Roon once I have selected what I want to play, otherwise my battery is going to go from last 10+ hours to no longer than an hour.

Any ideas?

Hi Guy,

I shifted this into its own thread in Support to make sure it didn’t get overlooked in the bigger thread.

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I’m using a very similar Mac as yours (from Mid-2014) and roon is using around 15% CPU constantly while playing. Energy impact (whatever that means) is around 75. (Avg around 12)
I can run this for hours… (btw. the fan is not running)

i have noticed high cpu usage on 2017 mackbook pro also and it was already with previous 1.3 release so not limited to new 1.4 release. I am using my mac as controller only - not the player.

check if you have any of those little animating bubbles on the screen, or a spinner in the upper right, or analysis going on…

It seems better tonight, still at 90 odd on the energy consumption, which is around 20x higher than Safari etc. but muhc better.

I should just say this is just the controller only too.

For me Roon takes consistently at least 8% of the cpu even if it’s only used as a controller and even if it’s in the background or on a different desktop. Most apps just go to ~0% when they’re idling. I suppose Roon never idles or it idles really hard.

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“idles or it idles really hard” no idea but that made me laugh. I haven’t looked at battery drain on my laptop (windows) but will add to this thread if I notice anything I consider high for a controller + core.

what happens if you minimize? what type of machine/gpu? running server or all-in-one or remote?

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